A rambling thank you

I just wanted to stop and thank you all so much for the response to the new jewelry collection. I’m happily overwhelmed with more orders than I’ve had in a long time and feeling really grateful in my recent broke-ass state (ha!). Sometimes freelancing feels very “What the heck am I doing???!” and then weeks like this come along where I feel like everything is going to be just a-ok. It’s a terrifying roller coaster that I mostly really love. These photos are some random shots I took of my studio to finish a roll – a place where I spend most of my days alone singing at the top of my lungs, making a mess. It’s not perfect – it’s dirty and dimly lit and the neighborhood isn’t so great, but it does the trick for productivity and keeping my personal life separate at home. Lately I walk home during lunch and close myself in my walk-in closet and record music that I’m working on with my brother (2.0 of this!) and it feels nice to have that distinction, a hobby, dare I say. Most freelancers I know don’t have hobbies. I recommend carving time out for one if you can. Particularly one that fills your heart with passion that you can’t really make a dime off of. Rambling over, have a great weekend!

Photos by Kate Miss, taken with a Mamiya 645AF with Kodak Portra 160 film.