Feliz on Film

I’m quite sad because most of the photos I took at Feliz came back ridiculously underexposed, like I had some weird setting on I wasn’t aware of because I was shooting with a meter and it was telling me everything was fine. It was dimly lit and moody inside, but this makes it look pretty intense, ha! So I had to omit a lot of my photos as they were just too dark. This is a slightly better photo of my table. At least you get the idea: wonderful, talented makers coming together in Austin for one magical day. I met so many amazing makers and customers alike, learned a lot about my customers and brand, and fell in love with Austin. Like, a lot. Like, we didn’t want to leave a lot.

The biggest, biggest, biggest thank you ever to Abby, Natalie, Leigh, and all the amazing Feliz interns. I was equally blown away and totally not surprised at all by how beautiful the day was at your hands. And I can’t forget to thank all of my lovely students who took my classes as well. I had so much fun and I can’t wait to figure out when I can teach a class here in LA soon.

And Austin, I will be back.

ps. the new collection seen here is coming Wednesday, so the rest of my stock and samples are super duper on sale in my shop the next two days!


  1. says

    I’ve been waiting to see pictures of this event so I’m so happy to see these! I think they still turned out lovely — looks like such a good time.

  2. says

    I love the way you exposed those. They’re not overly luminous and that’s what’s appealing about your style. They’re very warm. I guess now you know that you need to add a stop or more to your meter readings. That’s what I do with mine. It stopped working a couple of days ago and I’ve had to use an iPhone app that I’m not sure is very reliable.

    This seemed like such a great event!

    • says

      It’s odd because the last film photos I posted were from the same camera! I think I must have flipped some switch or something or set it to the wrong film speed on accident. Ah, film.

  3. anon says

    It’s difficult to shoot inside, unless there is *a lot* of light. What ISO film were you using? Next time you can use a flash, or use a tripod for your camera.

  4. says

    Kate! I wish I could have attended this. I was in Austin at the same time as you but for a music festical. It was also my first time in Austin, and i fell SO IN LOVE WITH IT. So in love I already booked a flight back in a month. I love your new amulets ^_^

  5. chau says

    Hi Kate,

    I’m glad you guys had a good time in Austin. It was nice to meet you and Will, and best of luck in all that y’all do. And congrats on the new collection!


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