I went on a long walk with my new camera (old Mamiya broke, RIP) last week in the Silver Lake hills to scout for spots to shoot my new jewelry look book, which I’m shooting today with friends. This is my favorite walk, with lots of twists and turns, back alleys, and secret stairs. Lately I feel conflicted feelings towards LA as Will and I look to the future and feel sad about how we can’t afford what we want here with our current job paths. There are a lot of tough choices and sacrifices ahead, I can tell. Going to pretty places like this doesn’t help such feelings! I guess that’s how a lot of us feel lately as we head into our thirties. Why can’t we have it all, guys? Jeez.

PS. While I have your attention, a few good things to support on a week full of a million emotions around this country: 1. The Occupy Sandy Amazon registry, a super easy and great way to help hurricane victims directly. 2. Two of my clients started the Make It Better Craftalong to craft and send warm things to victims. 3. A kid-friendly bake sale in Manhattan to raise money for the hurricane relief efforts. And 4. unrelated to the hurricane, Eric Smith of the book I contributed to, Live Now, has a great fundraiser going on right now you should check out.

Photos by Kate Miss, taken with a Mamiya 645AF with Kodak Portra 160 film.


  1. says

    i feel the same way about los angeles, sometimes. i wish you & will well & hope you two are able to reach those big decisions with peace. enjoy your shoot today & thanks for sharing these snapshots (& the craftalong)!

  2. says

    Sorry to hear about the old Mamiya breaking. I hope the AF is as good if not better as the M645.
    I still haven’t been to L.A (and I live on the same coast) but it sounds like there are some great neighborhoods that surely would make me wish I had an extra $200 grand lying around.
    Have fun at the lookbook. I can’t wait to see the results!

  3. kelly says

    man, this post is coming along at just the right time. i turned 30 this year and it wasn’t easy because of exactly what you’re talking about. i definitely just feel stalled. like, time keeps going on but i’m not getting nearly as much done as i thought i would? like, shouldn’t i be buying a house and having kids right now and not like, still just trying to pay the bills and figure out what i want to do with my life? by the way, i will never afford a home in LA and that cuts deep. such a bummer. anyway, i feel ya.

  4. says

    these photos are lovely! i can’t wait to see what turns up in the lookbook… :)

    as for the getting-older-but-not-further-in-life, i hear ya. it’s kind of a pain watching other people succeed, and feeling the pressure from family/friends/yourself (woohoo internalizing societal norms!) to do “something meaningful” with your life, or have babies/a house/enough money to actually warrant a savings account…i’m at the point where i just want to live in alert (the furthest north military base in canada) and say screw it all! hopefully things won’t end up that way, but here’s to not being alone in my worrying.


  5. says

    Just lovely, especially the light and bokeh in that first shot! You are seriously tempting me with these results. And *sigh* LA is definitely tough on those who actually want to own a home, that’s more than 600 SF and not in a terrible neighborhood. It’s almost impossible unless you’ve got lawyer or doctor money!

  6. Ann says

    London in the UK is the same; you’ve either got to be rich or live in scary places if you want a garden/no crazy people/scary dogs/rubbish everywhere. My husband & I are moving to the countryside soon, and it was so hard to accept that what we’d hoped out of living in London hadn’t come to pass. But I cannot wait to get out! And working to live rather than living to work is def best for us, we just have to remind ourselves sometimes.
    Thanks for beautiful pics and thoughtful post.

  7. says

    Vancouver, Canada is terrible for young people, too. Though we’ve got amazing restaurants and mountains and culture happening here it is completely unaffordable to live here. Every rental comes with a long list of concessions you have to make in order to find somewhere affordable/that allows dogs/that has daylight or whatever. Owning is out of the question here. A 600 sq. ft. condo will run you in the 400,000 range here. Oh, I could go on and on… I think figuring out what you want and where you wanna be sometimes just takes time. These are questions that I’m turning over again and again in my mind every day right now. I hear you! Why *can’t* we have it all?!

  8. says

    we were feeling the same in la, but now we’re moving to the uk where it’ll probably be worse ha! i really love these photos, looking forward to more of your mamiya shots. and god i’m going to miss seeing bougainvillea everywhere.

  9. says

    I totally agree with you and a lot of the other commenters! It seems like by the time you’re 30, you should have everything all figured out and be at a place where you can buy a house, right? Totally wrong. I know several people who are lucky enough to own their own home, but they live in the suburbs of Austin or bought years and years ago before housing prices skyrocketed. And I’m not leaving this city anytime soon. It’s where my friends and family are. I’ve had to stop thinking about it, and think more about living life and just achieving goals that are moving me forward in my career. And maybe one day someone will give me 1 million dollars. :)

  10. says

    I hear ya!! I used to live in L.A. and felt the same way. But then again I feel that way about not being able to afford anything in the neighborhoods I like in almost every city ever. haha

  11. debs says

    hi kate, i just want to tell you that i think you’re amazing and SO inspiring. just looking at this set of images sent me onto ebay camera section! i used to photograph quite a lot but it’s fallen away from me (of course!). i love LA and i love visiting but sydney is far, far away. your images bring me back everytime. i absolutely love your work X

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