I went on a long walk with my new camera (old Mamiya broke, RIP) last week in the Silver Lake hills to scout for spots to shoot my new jewelry look book, which I’m shooting today with friends. This is my favorite walk, with lots of twists and turns, back alleys, and secret stairs. Lately I feel conflicted feelings towards LA as Will and I look to the future and feel sad about how we can’t afford what we want here with our current job paths. There are a lot of tough choices and sacrifices ahead, I can tell. Going to pretty places like this doesn’t help such feelings! I guess that’s how a lot of us feel lately as we head into our thirties. Why can’t we have it all, guys? Jeez.

PS. While I have your attention, a few good things to support on a week full of a million emotions around this country: 1. The Occupy Sandy Amazon registry, a super easy and great way to help hurricane victims directly. 2. Two of my clients started the Make It Better Craftalong to craft and send warm things to victims. 3. A kid-friendly bake sale in Manhattan to raise money for the hurricane relief efforts. And 4. unrelated to the hurricane, Eric Smith of the book I contributed to, Live Now, has a great fundraiser going on right now you should check out.

Photos by Kate Miss, taken with a Mamiya 645AF with Kodak Portra 160 film.