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Getting so dancey up in here lately. Jamie Lidell‘s new song, “What A Shame” (what a departure from his last soul album), Autre Ne Veut‘s “Counting” (really looking forward to this album, Mexican Summer has the best artists), and this mysterious Swedish band Kate Boy, their single “Northern Lights”. Have I mentioned all the amazing new music coming out in the coming months? It excites me to no end.


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    ooo, i really like that kate boy band (ha!)…good head’s up!

    also, not sure if they’re up your alley at all, but my boyfriend + i just saw this fantastic band called “errors” a few days ago, and i highly recommend them (they do a little bit of danceyness in their songs, too). :)

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    I love kate boy band’s and this track is awesome. I know Kata boy band always rock. This track will fresh your mind when you listen. I hope you will be also love this track.
    :) :) :)

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