Work/Shop: A Pop Up Shop

Exciting things are afoot! I’m helping organize an awesome pop-up shop here in LA on Saturday, December 8th, called Work/Shop. It’s at Elephant, and it’s going to be outdoors in the backyard underneath the stars and market lights – a really lovely, intimate evening holiday shopping event. Not only will there be stationery, prints, jewelry, terrariums, vintage home goods, vintage clothing, and baked goods, but you can get your hair braided (by Ali, of course! Perfect to go out afterwards with) and have your portrait taken. There will be boozy cider and fun will be had by all. We hope to do more of these in the future and eventually hold classes, so if you can’t come this time, I hope there will be another opportunity for you to in the future.

I will be selling jewelry and prints, and I can’t wait to see friends and new faces.