Kim + Nelson: A Wedding in the Redwoods

In September, we drove up the 1 to Felton (just outside of Santa Cruz) to shoot a beautiful wedding in a redwood “cathedral”. It was a big, cozy wedding that mixed a few Vietnamese and Jewish traditions and had every beautiful detail you could think of. The most unique thing about this shoot was that they requested I shoot the entire wedding on film. I couldn’t do it 100% because of me being the only shooter, but I came damn close, using five different cameras. I worked my 645 so hard it broke in the last hour! My favorite detail was that the bride, Kim, skipped a traditional white dress for a grey floral number, but it didn’t feel that untraditional. The light through the trees was magical (albiet a bit hard to shoot the ceremony in!) and at night, the market lights made everything glow so beautifully. It was the first wedding I’ve shot that the couple didn’t want many photos of them, they just wanted to spend as much time as possible with their guests and have me capture everyone having a lovely, fun time. And that they did.

Thank you to Prestigious Planning for being so awesome to work with. Weddings with planners, so I don’t have to bug the bride all night, are the best.

Photos by Kate Miss, taken with a mixture of digital, Mamiya 645, Canon A-1, and Ikon Ikoflex  – with Kodak Portra 160 and 400 film.