Matt + Kate: Covers 2.0

The day has come! After months of hard work, my brother Matt and I are really excited to share this year’s covers album, Covers 2.0. We had a lot of help from an old friend, Jeff Schmidt, and I think the addition of more instruments and brains on this album make me even more proud than the last. Everything was recorded in our closets, bedrooms, living rooms – and I never set foot in the same room as the boys, who live in Seattle. The magic of the internet.

You can listen to it and download it for free on our Bandcamp page here.

Here’s the track listing and credits below. As you can see all I do is stand around and sing, while the boys do amazing magical things with a million different instruments. Real talk: Me being me, a plethora of mic problems I had, and working on this during the busiest months of my entire career, I frown at the sound of my voice on some of the songs. But the instruments and other vocals are all so amazing I still can’t even believe them sometimes. I totally teared up listening to the finished album the first time, and I only blame spiked eggnog for 5% of that.

And thank you thank you thank you, Mr. William Steinman, for our beautiful portrait.

Here’s last year’s album.

psssst: #4 is for my fellow Nashville fans, more specifically for Laure, Ali, and Makoto.