Work/Shop: A Preview

I just wanted to remind you guys one last time about tomorrow’s pop up shop, Work/Shop! New developments: Michael of The Flashdance is DJing, so now you can: drink some delicious boozy cider (made by yours truly), shop for holiday gifts/yourself, get your hair braided, your photo taken, and then dance the night away. Here, my friends, is a preview of our fabulous vendors – to entice you.

Chaparral Studio

Morgan of The Brick House (brand new lighting made by her!)

Kate Miss Jewelry. Me! The last three crescents ’til January will be for sale. I will also have some prints for sale.

Ava is setting up a photo booth (digital and polaroids for you to purchase!) and these are some rad inspiration photos she pulled for the backdrops.

Matchbox Kitchen

Braids by Brislin

Lulu Dee

SouvenirĀ Souvenir Vintage