Work/Shop: Success!

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Work/Shop was such a success and so much fun. I just wanted to thank everyone who came out and purchased from us and/or hung out and drank 3.5 liters of cider in a record 30 minutes. Apologies to those who came later and got Tecate Lite. Who knew you guys were such lushes? The night was full of such pretty things, I couldn’t walk away empty handed. It was fun seeing Morgan‘s new venture, too!

Thank your Laure for the lovely photos (first photo of Will and I together in, like, a year?? Letting my snaggletooth fly in these photos), Michael for the awesome DJing, Bianca for the space, and Laura for lighting help* and moral support. And boys like Bradney and Chris for their muscles. I love LA, my friends, and customers so much.

*tip: you cannot plug more than two strands of market lights together, and you most definitely cannot plug ten together.


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    Looks so cozy! I mean I know you’re wearing sweaters and coats but we could never have an outdoor evening event like that here at this time of year, so I’m feeling the warmth even if it’s in my imagination. PS I love your lil’ toothy smile. So cute.

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      I’m not sure if you mean other sales like this? Because I’m not sure, I just hear about things via the blog world and word of mouth. Other people may have good recommendations for event listings, I don’t use any. As for work/shop, there may be more events in the future, but we have no plans yet!

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    so bummed I missed this! but I’m so happy it was a success for you. that photo you and will is just lovely…you two look so damn.happy. xoxo

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