Work/Shop: Success!

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Work/Shop was such a success and so much fun. I just wanted to thank everyone who came out and purchased from us and/or hung out and drank 3.5 liters of cider in a record 30 minutes. Apologies to those who came later and got Tecate Lite. Who knew you guys were such lushes? The night was full of such pretty things, I couldn’t walk away empty handed. It was fun seeing Morgan‘s new venture, too!

Thank your Laure for the lovely photos (first photo of Will and I together in, like, a year?? Letting my snaggletooth fly in these photos), Michael for the awesome DJing, Bianca for the space, and Laura for lighting help* and moral support. And boys like Bradney and Chris for their muscles. I love LA, my friends, and customers so much.

*tip: you cannot plug more than two strands of market lights together, and you most definitely cannot plug ten together.