Beauty Products: Update #3

A recent discussion on twitter about moisturizer lead to the request that I update my beauty product guide (previous posts part 1 & 2), which I am happy to oblige because I suck at knowing what to blog about lately and can talk about beauty products all day long. Things that have happened since the last time we talkeds: 1. I lost my Clarisonic. It was tragic and I have NO idea how it happened, but it did. However, this new face wash I bought is so magical that I haven’t needed it. 2. Sephora stopped making that awesome cheek stain I wrote about in the last post. Since then I’ve just been using my magic marker lip stains that I’ve decided look terrible on me as cheek stain, which works ok. 3. Every day I still use M.A.C Select Moisturecover and Blot Powder, and Clinique Airbrush Concealer.

New things, pictured:

1. Ole Henriksen Truth Revealed Super CremeAfrican Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, and Invigorating Night Gel. MAGICAL TIMES! I was looking for a new face wash as my face decided to start rejecting my Boscia stuff, and I decided to get a kit from Ole Henriksen since it was so highly recommended on Sephora. The only thing I hated in the kit was the eye cream, which left my eyes sticky, but everything else was lovely. These are just the three things that I love the most and ended up buying full size in. It ain’t cheap, no, but the bottles are huge! They work amazing and smell delicious like citrus and the face wash really smells like red tea. Despite being called super creme, the moisturizer is wonderful on my oily skin. The night gel is the best overnight product I’ve ever used.

2. My new favorite weapon for random break outs is Fresh Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar. I bought it to use as a cleanser, and that was a disaster as it was way too drying. But I dab a little on blemishes and leave it on for at least an hour, if not overnight, and it instantly shrinks. Where was this when I was in high school? It’s expensive, but will seriously last you a life time. I’ve barely used a 1/4 of it and I’ve had it for months! I admit it’s awkward to store – I keep it in a plastic bag as it get crumbly.

3. For Christmas, my besty Andrea got me the BEST gift, a collection of some of her favorite makeup products. Genius, and I loved every single one of them. First up, Buxom Lash Mascara. The thing I love best about it is the synthetic brush, which I find works amazing with mascara at getting an even coat on your lashes. It doesn’t end up under your eyes – downside to that is that you have to use eye makeup remover to get it off at night.

4. She also gave me a MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque, which is really universally flattering shimmery gold that adds just a little bit of fun to you eyes. I don’t normally like creme eyeshadow, but us usual, MAC gets it right.

5. What makes the above mentioned eyeshadow even better is the best eyeshadow base ever by NARS. Not only will eyeshadow cease to crease on your lid, but it makes colors pop and stand out more since they have a matte base. Great for those of us with oily eyelids. I’d file this under “nice to have” however, since it’s a little splurgey and I only wear eyeshadow for long periods of time once in a while. I’m definitely re-stocking up before my wedding.
6. I’ve found some fun new shades of lipstick. MAC Lipstick in Plumful and So Chaud and NARS Funny Face. Plumful (another Andrea gift!) is a really good basic color for those of you who are not daring enough for bold colors, or you need to take it up a notch but be professional. So Chaud is an orangey-red color I saw on Cup of Jo ages ago and saved up my glass containers to trade in for recently (oy that takes forever, but so awesome!). Funny Face is a really classic fuscia, a color I would have gagged at years ago but find really fun these days. It is a little bit opal when it dries, but my friend Ali assured me it looks awesome and I think the pink is a nice change from my usual red. I forgot to mention this in my last beauty post, but NARS Heat Wave is also the very best. Very similar to So Chaud, but not matte. And as always, lipliner: a bright lipstick’s very best friend in accuracy.
7. Speaking of my mom, she gave me some e.l.f. Studio Brushes in my stocking for Christmas and even though they are so cheap, they are amazing! $3 and they feel very similar to the Sephora brand brushes.
8. My nose is so flaky and painful during the winter thanks to the dry weather here and my allergies, and everything I’ve tried makes me break out or doesn’t do a thing. I recently discovered, out of desperation, that Burt’s Bees Hand Salve works wonders for this problem. It doesn’t just treat my flaky skin, but since I use it every night, it stopped coming back. Funny enough I don’t like it as a hand salve as it doesn’t do anything for my dry hands (don’t get me started!).
Ok guys, here’s what I’m in the market for: blush! I prefer liquid stain, but I’m open to other things since that obviously hasn’t been working for me lately. Hand cream. Eyeliner – I’m feeling disappointed in my usual Sephora pencil lately.
Update: all of your recommendations are so amazing, I added them to a Svpply collection here if you want to see them all together. Please comment with things outside of my blush/eyeliner/hand cream request as well and I’ll add ’em!