Ermie Collection 2

I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer again for the latest Ermie collection, which we shot behind Platform in Highland Park right before Christmas. It was particularly special because one of my closest friends Laure Joliet was one of the models. Laure’s mom was a model back in the day, so clearly she passed on the modeling genes because the day was a total success and she was such a natural. Like she had this internal instinct of what to do and what looked best. I was in awe. Jennifer also had artist Emelie Halpern as our second model, who was lovely and charming and so comfortable all day. The contrast between their looks was perfect and their chemistry together on camera made the day so smooth.

Shooting for Jennifer is always a dream, however. She brings amazing people together and makes the day fun and inspiring. Beatrice Valenzuela – who is always such a kick in the pants to work with on a shoot – did the most beautiful hair and makeup, and Sarah of Platform made us all feel welcome and let us take over the back of her store while she burned delicious incense and tempted me to buy everything in her amazing store all day (not on purpose, I have no will power).

The beautiful pieces in the photos are not just Jennifer’s – there’s an incredible roster of talent here created special for this collection. The sweaters are by Cheryl Cambras,  the ceramic and leather necklaces by BZippy, the bronze and crystal jaw and carved alabaster necklaces by Debra Baxter. All are available in the Ermie shop. Jennifer expects most of the shop to be updated by Friday, so check back if you see something in the photos that’s not there yet! I think this is the best Ermie collection yet, don’t you agree?

So, after that novel (I had to gush, it needed to be said!), I’d like to share my favorite film shots from the day, and a few extra digitals at the end so you can get a sense of the whole collection. I shot digital full lengths of the pieces for the shop and tons of details on film with my dream camera Mamiya 645AF.

Photos by Kate Miss, taken with a Mamiya 645AF with Kodak Portra 160 film with the exception of the digital shots at the end.
All clothing and blankets by Jennifer Parry Dodge of Ermie
With the exception of all sweaters by Cheryl Cambras (for purchase in the Ermie shop)
Leather and ceramic necklaces by B.Zippy (for purchase in the Ermie shop)
Bronze and crystal  and carved alabaster necklaces by Debra Baxter (for purchase in the Ermie shop)
Hair and makeup by Beatrice Valenzuela (the beautiful leather flats are also hers)
Models: Laure Joliet and Emelie Halpern
Boots are Wolverine 1000 Miles by Samantha Pleet from Myrtle.