This Year

As it is tradition on this blog, it’s that time of the year where I talk resolutions. I know that this blog has gone though a huge transition this year and I’ve backed off from being personal lately and question its purpose now and then, so it took me a bit to decide if I even wanted to talk about resolutions and reflections this time because I thought, who even cares to read that? But even if no one cares, which I know isn’t true because I myself like to read that kind of blog content, it’s good for me. I just re-read my new year posts from the last few years and it was really helpful to see what I’ve accomplished and what I failed miserably at. So.

This past year seemed mellow, but upon reflection, it was big on the inside and I feel so different. I opened up, I blossomed, I shed some anxiety. I formed a tight knit group of incredible friends that I can tell are long term keepers. I got engaged to the love of my life. We made it a year cancer-free. I survived and thrived a year freelancing and made it out credit card debt-free. I only applied for a job once in panic. I logged over 63 hours of train riding. I drove up the coast and down the mountains of California and Arizona. I watched sunsets that would make any grown man cry. I shot more film than I ever have in my entire life. I recorded another album with my brother. I rode my bike at least once a week for the past four months. I formed a deep, yet complicated love for Los Angeles – it’s not perfect, but nowhere is and it’s probably the best thing to ever happen to me.

This year is about growth, working towards the financial stability of my business while making new things that make me happy. I’ve spent the last year fumbling with this, but figuring out what it is I love about design and what I want to focus on (because you don’t have to be good at everything). Learn coding better, expand skills that need expanding and back off on ones I can hand over to others to make my life easier. More collaboration and learning from others – more studio visits and working around friends! Getting out more and away from my desk while still being productive. More California adventures and put to use the camping gear Will got me for Christmas. My biggest most tangible goal, I say with a slight frown on my face because I suck at it, is finally planning our wedding (standing ovation from our family).

But most of all, the biggest theme in my life needs to be to find ways to be more content and satisfied, more confident in myself and my life. Strive to be better and work harder, but not feel so restless and compare myself and my life with others. It’s always my goal, always in the back of my mind, but more than ever I need to remind myself of it lately. It’s my last year of my 20’s and I’m ready to strike a balance and stop moving every damn year. OK, I can’t guarantee we won’t move this year…

And now I turn the floor to you guys, as you always inspire me so much.