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As it is tradition on this blog, it’s that time of the year where I talk resolutions. I know that this blog has gone though a huge transition this year and I’ve backed off from being personal lately and question its purpose now and then, so it took me a bit to decide if I even wanted to talk about resolutions and reflections this time because I thought, who even cares to read that? But even if no one cares, which I know isn’t true because I myself like to read that kind of blog content, it’s good for me. I just re-read my new year posts from the last few years and it was really helpful to see what I’ve accomplished and what I failed miserably at. So.

This past year seemed mellow, but upon reflection, it was big on the inside and I feel so different. I opened up, I blossomed, I shed some anxiety. I formed a tight knit group of incredible friends that I can tell are long term keepers. I got engaged to the love of my life. We made it a year cancer-free. I survived and thrived a year freelancing and made it out credit card debt-free. I only applied for a job once in panic. I logged over 63 hours of train riding. I drove up the coast and down the mountains of California and Arizona. I watched sunsets that would make any grown man cry. I shot more film than I ever have in my entire life. I recorded another album with my brother. I rode my bike at least once a week for the past four months. I formed a deep, yet complicated love for Los Angeles – it’s not perfect, but nowhere is and it’s probably the best thing to ever happen to me.

This year is about growth, working towards the financial stability of my business while making new things that make me happy. I’ve spent the last year fumbling with this, but figuring out what it is I love about design and what I want to focus on (because you don’t have to be good at everything). Learn coding better, expand skills that need expanding and back off on ones I can hand over to others to make my life easier. More collaboration and learning from others – more studio visits and working around friends! Getting out more and away from my desk while still being productive. More California adventures and put to use the camping gear Will got me for Christmas. My biggest most tangible goal, I say with a slight frown on my face because I suck at it, is finally planning our wedding (standing ovation from our family).

But most of all, the biggest theme in my life needs to be to find ways to be more content and satisfied, more confident in myself and my life. Strive to be better and work harder, but not feel so restless and compare myself and my life with others. It’s always my goal, always in the back of my mind, but more than ever I need to remind myself of it lately. It’s my last year of my 20’s and I’m ready to strike a balance and stop moving every damn year. OK, I can’t guarantee we won’t move this year…

And now I turn the floor to you guys, as you always inspire me so much.


  1. jean says

    I’ve really enjoyed seeing how you’ve grown to love LA this past year. I moved from Brooklyn to the Bay Area around the same time you did, and for me 2012 was about getting from “yeah, I’m just here temporarily, wanted an adventure but I’m a New Yorker at heart” to “ok, I can see myself staying here. I don’t have to be in New York to feel fulfilled.” I think my journey to falling in love with CA has been slower than yours, but I’m getting there. To me a big part of it is getting over comparing myself to others, and getting over the sense that New York, wonderful as it is, is the center of the world. Anyway, thanks for sharing your reflections and resolutions, and best wishes to you in 2013.

  2. says

    I always enjoy reading your personal posts…you’re a lovely writer. I’m turning 35 this year (gulp) and to help ease my anxiety, I did a post with my 35th birthday bucket list. I already have two trips planned and am hoping to add a couple more. Best to you in 2013!

  3. kelly says

    CAMPING! Yes to camping! I can’t wait to hear about it & see the pictures! (I’m spending my first day back in the office planning my Sequoia trip for later this spring)

  4. says

    This may weird you out a little – but this past year you’ve been my main inspiration and guide for many reasons. That’s great and its helped me accomplish plenty, but it’s time that I start making myself my source of inspiration and guidance and that’s what 2013 is all about for me.

    Thanks for being you. :)

  5. says

    I really enjoy reading your personal posts too. Your style is my favourite of all blogs I read, not so gushy but really heartfelt and honest. Keepin’ it real, if you will :) Happy New Year to you guys!

  6. says

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year Kate! Even if you have backed off a bit on the blog to me it is still very personal, because you are.. … struggling to find the right word… true to yourself maybe! It is a joy to follow you still :-) I wish you and Will a very happy 2013! (and don’t worry – wedding planning can be fun if you allow yourself to break all the rules! we did and all the guests loved it as much as us!)

  7. says

    It sounds like you’ve had an amazing year full of growth. You’ve inspired me to write down a reflection of my year too. Have a wonderful new year! Oh, and don’t stress about wedding details too much. It’s all about how you feel on the day, not about how pretty and perfect everything is. :)

  8. says

    I hope you never give up this space! I come to it often for a breath of fresh air. It’s so down to earth and real. I find it hard to relate to much on the internets, but your honesty continues to draw me in. And for that I thank you! Happy 2013!

  9. says

    Your statement of being content and satisfied with what one has and to not compare yourself rings so true with me. Thank you for this honest post. I am in awe of all your different talents, how humble you are and your deep friendships. to the happiest of new years!

  10. says

    i definitely still dont think you give yourself enough credit even with some of the things you managed to realize over the year.. but i guess thats what keeps you striving for more success and to grow as a person which cant be a bad thing either..
    i’m 38.. turning 39 in march.. and i only wish that i had learned to enjoy my life and feel good about myself at 29… now almost 39 its so hard to have a positive outlook when there is so much would have and could haves..
    basically even though i dont even know you i’m so proud and happy for where you are emotionally, mentally, environmentally…. mostly because i know how hard it is as an artist and creative person who is “Awake” in this wold to get anywhere close to feeling content….
    happy new year kate! i wish more happiness, good health and yummy meals for you and will.. kisses to wendy too!

  11. says

    What a year it’s been for you guys. I love you, Kate Miss. Happy New Year to both of you. (And can’t wait to finally get my gorgeous big KM print framed in EARLY 2013!) xo

  12. says

    I like reading posts like this, so I do hope you continue to write about personal things in this space. You’ve inspired me to write out my own resolutions on my blog. It’s not for anyone else but me, to keep me accountable.

  13. says

    awww Kate, it’s always amazing to hear and see what you are up to. You are a gem and an inspiration. I’m sure this coming year will be everything you could dream up and more.

  14. Future Dad-in-Law says


    We had a great time visiting you and Will. It’s the most fun I’ve had with the two of you EVER! Thanks for spending time with us and sharing stuff about your trials, tribulations, and future.

    Hope to see you come out to the mid-west this summer.

    With much love and admiration,


  15. caroline says

    Hey, I read every blog listed on the side of Miss Moss. I’ve been reading yours for a while. Can I just say that I practically hunt down these types of personal posts; they are literally my favorite. As a recent-grad who can say she’s been researching what career would be a good fit (for maybe a year and a half now) I use a lot of these blogs as a crutch to find a sense of solidarity and insight into how and what I want. Not a lot of woman in my (new) Denver region have I found that have as much in common with me as these blog ladies that not only put themselves out there-about personal things!, but who also share so generously other aesthetic interests. I got attached to reading these blogs through an old roommate and every time I arrived home she was reading on the internet. I called her blog girl. Now I can say I am a blog girl! LOL Honestly, these blogs have changed my life. There are other women out there being brave enough to connect and share and be relatable. Thanks.

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