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    that is one fine-lookin’ man you got there. (and obv a fine-lookin’ portrait!) can i be weird and say i like that colour on him?

    /weirdness. these are great shots! those trees are a breath of fresh air…

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    I went and saw that same fir tree bosque at that Frank Lloyd Wright house, too, when I was in LA this summer. I loved it up there. Such a refuge in the midst of the city. Great shots!

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    Hello Kate! I just came across your blog and love it! I clicked the link to subscribe to your RSS feed, but alas! the link is broken or your RSS reader is not installed. Just thought I’d give you a heads up! Many readers, myself included, use that tool to keep track of our favorite blogs.


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    I spent my summer on a road trip from SF to LA down the Pacific Coast Highway and can only imagine how great it must be to live there even during the winter :)! Greetings from a cold Berlin!

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    So great to see Will looking so well – hope that’s not creepy/weird seeing as how I don’t know you guys, but, you know… argh, so sorry!

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