Brain Dump. And, Hi.

I would like to brain dump, if you don’t mind. Have you ever been away from a friend of family member for so long without talking that you don’t even know where to begin to catch up, so you just drift away even more? That’s how I feel about this blog. Just popping in and saying something personal feels disjointed as it’s been so long. So I’ll just dive. Dump. Whatever.

– LA is amazing. California is amazing. I love living here and when people ask me if we’ll stay, my heart says yes. Looking at the weather forecast for majority of the rest of the country is a key factor. I. Need. Sunshine. And warmth. Ask me again in August.

– We’re planning our wedding, finally. Save the dates are going out soon. Things are rolling. We’re getting married at a summer camp in the San Bernardino Mountains on September 28th. The plan looped and looped and looped until we ended up back where we originally started. It’s going to be a labor of love involving the talents of so many of our dear friends, which is what keeps me from losing my mind as I hate a lot of planning this. I have no plans to share many details here, but I will just say that it’s exactly what we want and a lot of our family doesn’t quite get it, but we don’t really care. Ask me again in August.

– Freelancing has been testing me lately. One thing that keeps me afloat is a retainer client I do a specific amount of design work for a month, and they recently decided to hire someone fulltime, which I had no interest in, so I’m losing that client soon. There was a week of a cycle that went like this: panic, sadness, job searching, realizing that all the jobs suck, realizing I will be ok, realizing I will be better than ok, realizing I am a rockstar, realizing I can cut my budget in half, realizing how much money I waste, realizing maybe I don’t know what the f I’m doing, job searching, sadness, panic, etc. But then something switched in me and I now have a fire lit under my ass – turning my attention to my entrepreneurial spirit and the ways that I can make not just the best of this situation, but make it a better situation. So far it’s going awesome. Ask me again next week.

– I went on a very impromptu 30 hour trip to Joshua Tree this weekend, packed in a car with four other ladies – dear friends and new friends. It was healing, re-energizing, and so beautiful (my Instagram pictured above). I took many rolls of film and hope to share them in the coming weeks. For now, Laure shared some of the magic. Again, California, damn.

– I will end this with a shout out to things that are really awesome online right now that you should check out:

  • A short and simple, beautiful post from Vic. It gave me goosebumps.
  • My friend Erin of Cotton & Flax (one of my portrait ladies) has a beautiful limited edition tea towel at Pennyweight Goods.
  • One of my favorite Hairpin posts ever, a fascinating interview with a virgin who mostly identifies as asexual. I stayed up forever last night reading all the comments. Hairpin comments are my favorite.
  • You can listen to the Empire Records soundtrack on Spotify. My day was made yesterday upon discovering that. So many memories it almost makes me nauseated to listen to it.
  • I can’t get into the new David Bowie songs on a musical level, but the new music video with Tilda Swinton is really something else. A dream?

I hope your week is full of sunshine, be it metaphorical or real.


  1. KMH says

    It’s so nice to hear from you! I’m a big fan of your blog and often come back to re read recipes or past entries that stuck a cord with me. Thanks for the update – can’t wait for the next! :)

  2. says

    Really enjoyed this post, and a peek into what’s going on with Kate Miss :) The internet seems smaller/kinder when you see all your favorite ladies are friends in real life.

    And re: California, winters are the best, summers are THE WORST… but its home, right?

    • says

      I know, right? I think I’ve decided that I’ll take a bad summer over a bad winter because SUNSHINE at least and air conditioning in stores/cars? I mean, I really do not like snow. But, the grass is greener…

  3. kelly says

    hate: summer!! summer without a/c! jobs!

    love: joshua tree, san bernardino mountains, camp weddings!, empire records, getting shitty news but making it work!

    go, girl!

  4. says

    um yeah I need to go here someday. Wow.

    Every winter everyone up here talks about how they want to move. I refuse to jump ship on the northeast just because of winter. I’m a full supporter of it (and every other season). It looks like you’ve carved out a nice life for yourself in California, though.

  5. says

    oh, hi!

    i envy your seemingly easy access to beautiful areas. admittedly, there are some lovely things within a few hours drive from me, but they seem so much more limited. perhaps i need to work on my own perceptions.

    wedding planning was the largest pain in my ass in my life to date. on the other hand, being married has kind of rocked. good luck, keep your head screwed on, and don’t be scared to be selfish.

  6. says

    I have to admit, I used to think I could never be into LA, or California, or the west coast, that I was a die-hard east coast girl, but lately I’ve found myself longing for the sunshine and plants and natural beauty of it all, and I think your blog has a lot to do with that. Can’t wait to see the pics from Joshua Tree, that might be enough to make me buy a ticket!

    I’ve also been going through a very scary transitional period with work, trying to move into more entrepreneurship, so I really appreciate reading about how someone else is dealing with that. We’ll be fine, we’ll all be fine.

  7. says

    Hooray! Thanks for the brain dump! Your archive is crazy inspirational, too, Kate Miss colors are my favorite colors.

    I’m glad your wedding planning is going splendidly. We’ve stuck to our guns over a small wedding, I think it’s so important do what the two of you want, I think family will understand later. (Or at least that’s what I hope! Our wedding is in May, ask me then ;)

    You are so freakin’ talented, I know you’ll do just fine sorting out your freelancing situation.

  8. says

    I only know the internet version of Kate Miss, but she’s killing it, and I have no doubt she will use this newfound time slot to climb even higher.

  9. says

    You are making me really excited for my first trip to CA in March. We are staying at the ACE in Palm Springs and driving to Joshua Tree. Can’t wait!!! Too bad we won’t be closer to LA or I’d hire you to take my portrait for my budding blog – you do amazing work!

  10. says

    You’re so lucky to live near Joshua Tree, it’s one of those places in the world that regularly tugs at my heart’s memory strings. Good luck with continuing to build a rockin’ business!

  11. says

    Yay for Empire Records! Still love that damn movie. Isn’t Joshua Tree amazing for healing whatever ails you? I just love that moment when you drive into the park, get out of the car with no one else around and your ears ring from the silence. So good.

  12. says

    Oh, Kate. I like your brain dump! I also love Empire Records, and I probably know all the words to every song on that soundtrack… karaoke inspiration?

  13. says

    man, your blog makes me miss LA so much. through your love for LA, i remember why i love it too…and i long for it. and i also totally get the freelance thing. i have been freelance for ten years. i go through that whole set of emotions at least 6 times a year. thanks for sharing you story! give LA a big hug for me- a big one!

  14. Taylor says

    Hooray for September 28th mountain (although NC here) weddings! Our plans were loopy to begin with too. Isn’t it funny how your original plan turns out to be the best?

  15. says

    Definitely an excellent brain dump. So nice to read a little about what’s going on with you. And so happy I came across this today because as a lifelong southern Californian there are times when this crazy place completely bums me out (right now being one of those times). But you are absolutely right. This place is magical and I can hardly imagine there being another place out there quite like it.

  16. says

    Hi Kate,

    I can relate to your issues and frustrations with work– I’m pretty much locked in a loop of feeling anxious, questioning, job searching, realizing there is nothing good out there, feeling sad, regaining confidence, etc. I guess it’s good that we evaluate things occasionally. It helps me see what I like and need about my job and how it’s a good fit– which is a major confidence boost. Good luck with your situation, use it as a chance to grow, and you’ll know when it’s right to change things up!

  17. Tamara says

    I can also totally relate to where you are at with the changes from your big client taking work in-house. I am also a graphic designer and have had a large client for about 5 years who has just done the same thing. Being employed by them (or anyone) was also the last thing I wanted to do so I am having to look for other work to fill that big space. I began my business-building process by asking some existing clients for a short testimonial to use on my website. What I got back was really motivating and uplifting, a huge confidence boost. Maybe doing something like that could help you? It has given me the boost I needed to move forward and keep believing that I can do this. when that feeling starts to disappear, I plant to go back and read those testimonials again. Good luck!

  18. says

    I want to come to California again SO BADLY. If I do, can we go to the desert please???

    Nice to have you back. I’m glad you liked my post. xxx

  19. says

    About every 6 months, I have a meltdown that ends with me searching Craigslist for jobs while crying. It lasts for about a day and then I realize that I ‘m always going to be happier having to budget myself more strictly and live more simply so I can afford to live in CA because of the reasons you’ve mentioned here.

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