Lady Portraits

My goal made ages ago of taking more portraits is slow going. In a serious photo rut lately, I’m actively pushing myself out of my comfort zone to talk my friends into letting me take their photo in a more formal way. I’m even thinking of branching out into strangers. I really enjoy portraits, I find them so fascinating to shoot, and the funny thing about photographing women is their commentary about how they view themselves. I’ve discovered that a lot of us ladies have hang ups about certain features that seem to all stem from something our mothers told us at one point. Our moms had to stare at us so often and many of them took endless photos of us, so I suppose they became familiar with our flaws and strengths. And for the most part the comments were meant to be helpful, but we can’t escape that voice in our heads! Anyway, I always have a good laugh at the comments like, “I need to be photographed slightly from the side because of my linebacker shoulders” or, “I have a fat nose so don’t let me look down too much.”

Kicking this all off, last week some ladies came over so we could help each other take new head shots so we could be more professional bizness ladies. Katie, Erin, and Laura, thanks for letting me take your photo, and thank you Laura for manning the camera for my photos. My only regret is not taking more film photos because my Mamiya is a dream for portraits.

These are a mix of film and digital photos. If you’re interested in hiring me to take your portrait, get in touch! katemiss at PS. The necklaces are all mine, one is a SPOILER ALERT from the new collection.