Weekly Music: New to me (and maybe you)

Happy Valentine’s day, my blog readers whom I love dearly! Here are some pretty tunes for your Thursday.

First off, the amazing new James Blake song you may have heard about 1 million times this week. I love Pitchfork’s comparison of his “wordless falsetto curlicues” to D’Angelo’s “Brown Sugar” – so spot on. I also love the youtube commenter (a sentence I rarely type) that said his body starts tingling at the synch chord explosion in the middle of the song. Truth.

And then we have two songs my dad sent me yesterday, being the cool dad that he is.

Chelsea Wolfe “Flatlands”. I shared the beautiful acoustic version of this last fall, and this is the new-ish video for the album version. I love what a witchy goth babe she is. Listen to the entire beautiful album here.

Sam Duckworth “The Farmer”. I’d never heard of Sam before, this song is pretty great.