Descanso Gardens

On Sunday we went to Descanso Gardens after Jessica reminded me of its existence, and it was the best $8 spent in a while. It’s smaller and less structured than The Huntington, and you can go on little trail hikes that make you forget where you are for a moment – probably why I didn’t take many photos as I was relaxing. Also, there are more camellias than you can shake a stick at, so, win. Afterwards we drove to Pasadena and ate hot dogs at The Slaw Dogs and engaged in our usual “what if we moved over here?” talk we have 8.5 million times a month when we visit somewhere that is not where we live because that is our favorite pastime. Thumbs up, Sunday.

ps. thanks for all the love this week for the new jewelry. My kiln and I are going to be bffs for the next week.


  1. says

    Great photos, Kate. I am a landscape architect and I love it when you visit the great gardens and landscapes in your part of the world. And, oh, the plants you can grow in your zone!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Isn’t Descanso magical? I went recently on a drizzly Sunday morning and spent hours wandering through the black-trunked oaks.

  3. says

    lovely pictures. i’m actually heading there this weekend. the camellias look so pretty. i hope there’s a lot of flowers in bloom right now.

    xoxo, Oleah

  4. kelly says

    hahah, i love that you were in la canada but went to pasadena for food. i love living up here but we have the worst retail & food. that’s my #1 regret about moving up here. but the trees make up for it. the camellias at descanso are crazy! the way they pile up on the ground so it’s soft and springy — i love that.

  5. Molly says

    hahahaha…your sweetness and sense of humour hasnt changed a bit:)
    A BIG THANK YOU…I know where I’m going this weekend:)

  6. says

    I loved Descanso! Keep meaning to get back up there. They don’t have the museums that the Huntington does but if you want gorgeous gardens, its a great deal. Plus, how adorable is the tiny kid’s train?


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