Kate Miss Jewelry: Spring 2013 Collection

May I introduce, the 2013 Spring Collection of Kate Miss Jewelry. Now available in the shop. All the juicy details below all these photos of babes.

This collection took me a bit longer to release than it should have as it was a departure that involved a lot of learning, testing, experimenting, and other such exciting things that make me sound like a scientist. I wanted to take things up a notch this collection – pieces that were more unique in their materials and construction and more special. All the new pieces this season are hand formed and cut from metal clay and fired in my own kiln, sanded and polished with own two hands. They are laborious and they can be frustrating at times, but they are so rewarding and feel so substantial and I’m thrilled with them. The surfaces and shapes are geometric while at the same time organic – the clay results in a 100% bronze piece that is beautifully unique: not 100% perfect and a slightly textured look.

I’m still fixated on the idea of amulets – pieces for protection and luck, badges and shields. But I refined and refocused the idea from last season’s collection. I also really wanted to make the pieces in this collection adaptable to the different sizes of the people who wear them – the necklaces have an adjustable hand made bronze bead at the back of the suede that allows you to make them as short or as long as you need them to sit on your chest comfortably, and the bracelets accomodate a difference of 4″ in wrist sizes.

These are special pieces, and I know that they are substantially more expensive than what I’ve made in the past, and I know that I don’t need to explain why, but know that they each involve a lot of materials and time – so very much more than my other pieces in the past. Each piece is made to order and will take me a couple weeks to produce.

Lastly! (Are you still reading this novel??) The cast bronze bead necklaces are part of the permanent collection and a new one is coming soon, but the caster and I are solving a little puzzle of why the new shape keeps breaking in casting, so TBD on that guy. But the other ones are still for sale!

Ok, get over there. Spread the word? Thanks to my beautiful models: Cheryl NicholsZinzi Edmundson*,  and Alison Brislin and thanks to you, dear readers.

Photos by Kate Miss, taken with Mamiya 645AF with Kodak Portra 160 film.

*Zinzi also leant her amazing space in Mt. Washington for some of these photos!