Warby Parker Feature

A couple weeks ago some fine folks from Warby Parker stopped by my place for coffee and conversation, showing each other what we’ve been up to lately, and taking some photos of me and my apartment. LA is one of the many stops on their epic Class Trip road tour they’ve been on. I’ve been a lover of their wonderful eyewear business since its early days, which has inspired so many similar businesses that rarely get it right like they do.

They posted our afternoon together on their blog, which you can check out here, so honored to grace their space! I snagged the Edgeworth frames last week and they are pretty stellar.

Photo by Collin Hughes


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    Gosh Kate, you are so very pretty! I hate commenting too much on a woman’s looks seeing as our culture does enough objectifying of our gender as it is, but you are just so beautiful inside and out! Congrats on a lovely feature! xo

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    So awesome and well deserved! I heard about Warby Parker through you and have gone to recommend it to all my friends in need of specs. And I don’t even wear glasses. :)

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