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    love the phosphorescent! but the link only streams the first 30 seconds of the song…! (luckily i’ve heard it a couple of times on songza, so i don’t have to go crazy trying to see if i like it, haha.)

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        so annoying! i mean, i get it, because of the copyright to the music, but we’re trying to share here! i mean, does anyone actually go to youtube to get their video on anymore? haha.

        anyway. i also forgot i wanted to see if you knew about the band ms mr…they are pretty magical. (check out ‘bones’ – which apparently was the trailer music for game of thrones? – or ‘dark doo wop’…both are gorgeous.)

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    So random, I was just listening to the Phosphorescent album on a day trip last Sunday and, like a perv, spent my time in the backseat counting the nipples on the album art.

    And I was a huge Devendra fan once upon a time, but fell out of the loop — so happy to hear this tune!

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      Funny, I know Ducktails a bit but didn’t think they had a female singer, but she’s just featured vocals from another band on that song – I like it!

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