Custom Big Cartel Sites

Hey friends, did you know that I make Big Cartel shops? I customized my two shops, as well as others using purchased themes and fancy trickery I’ve taught myself over the years. The #1 email I get each week is “how did you make your shop?” and one of my buddies from Big Cartel emailed me recently to tell me the fun fact that when people email Big Cartel asking for design help, the biggest request is to make their shop look like mine. Blush. That makes me sound really fancy except for the fact that people do not often equate that with the fact that they should hire me to fancy up their own shop.

They recently listed me on their page of designers to contact for customization help, so I decided to get organized and create a structure of options and prices and then actually tell people about it as I’m really not the best at promoting my design work. In fact, most people think that I’m just a jewelry designer but that is not even close to my bread and butter. I’ve discovered that helping people with their shops is one of my favorite things to do! So let’s make something together, eh? You can have an existing shop already (like Etsy), no shop at all, need a logo, have a logo, sell two things or 50 things. Something that some don’t know about the shops is it’s the perfect place to host both your shop and portfolio/display your past collections using slideshows and galleries (you could even hide the shop til you’re ready to use it.) Maybe you’ve looked at purchasing a theme and customizing it yourself and it made your head spin? Or you just don’t have a minute to spare to figure it out? You just want something simple but beautiful! I’m here for you. And even if you want something kind of fancy, I have developers on hand to help us with getting fancy.

katemiss at – let’s do it.

If you don’t need a shop/don’t care/are annoyed that this post is void of pretty pictures, may I direct your attention to a baby sloth?