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Lovely Bre asked me to share what essentials I carry in my Scout & Catalogue Mañana Clutch, which you can read about over on her blog. I am normally a plain jane with accessories but have been branching out lately with fun stuff, like studded flats and this animal print-reminiscent clutch. It’s perfect for karaoke nights, if I do say so myself.

There is a little peek here of a new necklace that is coming very soon.


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    is it weird that I love the contents of your clutch?! that’s one of the few rifle notebooks I don’t have… but it’s just lovely. oh, that that chapstick is amazing(!)… yet I have trouble getting myself to spend more than a few $$ on that kinda thing.

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    clutch is perfect, colors specially. but i don’t know, im too clumsy, lets say that, to wear them.
    can wait to see new collection, although its smaller then the other items, necklace is definitely best thing on a pic.

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