Weekly Music: New Junip + James Blake

It took everything in me to not post two music posts last week, and I think I’ll have a lot of those moments this spring as it’s going to be a great season of new music.

The new Junip album comes out tomorrow in the US (out now in Europe!), and up until today it was streaming on Pitchfork, so I was obsessively listening to it the last few days. It’s near perfect.

Somehow the new James Blake album, Overgrown, was released without me hearing a blip about it after the Retrograde single stole my heart. I worried that meant it wasn’t the best, but that is not at all the case – it’s spectacular. I’d say that it’s just as haunting, but maybe a bit more approachable and less sparse than the last album, which I love but can only be in certain moods for.