Flower Arranging: Week One

I’m taking an online flower arranging class, taught by the lovely Chelsea Fuss, and I thought I’d post my assignments each week as an exercise in A. Taking photos with my real camera rather than Instagram them and B. Posting blog posts? Ha. I’m taking the class so that I can do my own wedding flowers, even though I’m not planning on having much use for traditional arrangements- but I mainly wanted to gain general flower skills to apply to anything.

Week 1 was a hand-tied bouquet. You arrange the bouquet in a fist in one hand, which is something I’ve never done before, I just pictured all things being arranged in a vase or something? I realized I know nothing about real arranging and struggled more than I thought I would. I had really limited options for flowers and not a whole lot of time to devot to this, so I’m not 100% jazzed about the outcome but it was still really fun! I made a mini version with the leftovers and brought it to Katie because flowers make everyone super happy. She tells me the peonies opened up and were gigantic.

I’m going to the downtown flower mart this week for the next assignment, I have a feeling I will be overwhelmed and implode, thank god Bianca will be with me for guidance!