Flower Arranging: Week Three, Adventures in Flower Crowns

This week’s assignment was a flower crown, and I took it very seriously because this was the biggest technique I wanted to learn for my wedding. I followed Chelsea’s example exactly (though with much more dramatic results) and then, knowing that wasn’t what I was going to want, tried some modified versions of ways to wear flowers in my hair. Because I cut so much of my hair off and I have really slippery hair, I have a tricky time pinning things into my hair, so just making a cute little bunch of flowers that gets pinned into my hair is not the best idea. So I experimented with ways to make a headband-like attachment as my hair is thick enough to keep one of those in, no problem.

I did the first full crown last week with leftovers from my last arrangement, and while it looks really awesome, it’s way too wild and bohemian for my taste. This week I bought smaller flowers, thinking it would lead to a more tame looking crown, but realized the sweet william is in bunches that you can’t really cut apart, so I think for the real thing I may use something that can be cut down a bit more, like wax flower or gypsy. The understated headband I made is really nice and was super easy to make, the black headband hides fairly easily. But it may be too subtle and a little too cute/flower girl for my taste (such a good idea if you have a flower girl!). So then I tried the exact same technique used on the first crown, but only went 1/3 of the way around. Had I had more time I would have wrapped the remaining wire all in black ribbon, but I was running out of light for photos, so I just did the part where it showed at the top of my head. I put it on my head and decided I liked it on one side best, and then pulled hair out from under it and tucked it under. I put my hair in an ugly little stumpy pony tail, but I’m hoping by September my hair is long enough to pin it a little more, uh, elegantly. I think this technique was the winner! I just may make it monochromatic and slightly more understated. One drawback is you have to do this the morning of, so here’s hoping that isn’t too stressful. I may buy a pretty beaded headband to have as a backup in case I have a flower melt down.

We’ll see, I already bought a potential new wedding dress* and have changed my mind on everything in the past month so WHO KNOWS.

(*um, yeah, more on that later…)

fyi, my lipstick in the second set of photos is MAC So Chaud. It’s showing up a little more pink in this lighting than real life.

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