Flower Arranging: Week Three, Adventures in Flower Crowns

This week’s assignment was a flower crown, and I took it very seriously because this was the biggest technique I wanted to learn for my wedding. I followed Chelsea’s example exactly (though with much more dramatic results) and then, knowing that wasn’t what I was going to want, tried some modified versions of ways to wear flowers in my hair. Because I cut so much of my hair off and I have really slippery hair, I have a tricky time pinning things into my hair, so just making a cute little bunch of flowers that gets pinned into my hair is not the best idea. So I experimented with ways to make a headband-like attachment as my hair is thick enough to keep one of those in, no problem.

I did the first full crown last week with leftovers from my last arrangement, and while it looks really awesome, it’s way too wild and bohemian for my taste. This week I bought smaller flowers, thinking it would lead to a more tame looking crown, but realized the sweet william is in bunches that you can’t really cut apart, so I think for the real thing I may use something that can be cut down a bit more, like wax flower or gypsy. The understated headband I made is really nice and was super easy to make, the black headband hides fairly easily. But it may be too subtle and a little too cute/flower girl for my taste (such a good idea if you have a flower girl!). So then I tried the exact same technique used on the first crown, but only went 1/3 of the way around. Had I had more time I would have wrapped the remaining wire all in black ribbon, but I was running out of light for photos, so I just did the part where it showed at the top of my head. I put it on my head and decided I liked it on one side best, and then pulled hair out from under it and tucked it under. I put my hair in an ugly little stumpy pony tail, but I’m hoping by September my hair is long enough to pin it a little more, uh, elegantly. I think this technique was the winner! I just may make it monochromatic and slightly more understated. One drawback is you have to do this the morning of, so here’s hoping that isn’t too stressful. I may buy a pretty beaded headband to have as a backup in case I have a flower melt down.

We’ll see, I already bought a potential new wedding dress* and have changed my mind on everything in the past month so WHO KNOWS.

(*um, yeah, more on that later…)

fyi, my lipstick in the second set of photos is MAC So Chaud. It’s showing up a little more pink in this lighting than real life.

See Week 1 here and Week 2 here


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    oh jees they look SO amazing!! and so different too… amazing how understated and elegant that second one is (but truly i do love the first). ooooh this is so exciting. and the dress! i can talk about this here because my guy (hopefully) won’t read this, but i’ve finally decided to have mine made. i was going to order a dress from the US but was too scared it would look crap on me upon arrival. mmm. yes yes, i am excited to see what you choose.

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      that is so exciting!! Can’t wait to see it (no pressure, I want to barf when people say that to me about any aspect of my wedding, haha!)

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        i know what you mean, any time someone says “i’m sure your wedding is going to be the most beautiful EVER!” or something along those lines (because of the impression they get from the blog) i inch ever closer to not wanting to share it at all.

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          First of all, these crowns are glorious. Second of all, I’m chiming in to say that I wholeheartedly agree that people’s expectations of my wedding made my stomach turn. Much luck to you both!

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    Gorgeous, Kate! You look fantastic in each option, and I’m sure that whatever you create the day of the wedding will be perfect. Let’s go back to the flower mart with Bianca soon!

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    Those are all so super pretty. I agree with all your points, too – the first is pretty wild/Coachellie, and the middle is a bit sweetie-pie/80s flowergirl, but I love how you made it work with a different shape and a less-is-more aesthetic at the end. The curve looks very architectural and pretty. Interesting process! I’m sure your final version will be lovely xoxo

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    I absolutely love seeing your progress in this class. I’ve been super interested in flowers lately and this is just piquing the curiosity even more!

    And that last one you did is definitely my favorite. There’s just something so elegant about it!

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    I’m usually a fan of colour, especially with flowers but I love that you included some black and white photos. I feel extra drawn in to them.

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    Beautiful work!

    I’d love to offer a little flower tip- I’ve worked in a few flower shops as a side-gig over the years, and good news- you don’t have to do the headband the day-of necessarily!

    If you get some floratape (the green kind you use on corsages):

    and wrap the stems, you can do it the day/night before and keep it in the fridge till the day of, and you should be golden!
    We always made corsages, boutonierres and headpieces the day before. Just pop them in a little bag/box and into the fridge when you’re done.

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      Oh, awesome! That’s the kind of tape I used for these, but because I didn’t put them in the fridge after, that’s probably why they looked like hell the next day. I also read that burning the stems can help seal in the nutrients? I will definitely be doing some tests as I’d love to have all flower related stuff done the day before! Thanks for the tip:)

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        No Problem, best of luck! Also, you might just be aware of which flowers you’re using that are more delicate (like ronunculus, peonies, spray roses etc), and just leave those till the day of:)

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    In LOVE with the last one. It’s such a different shape than we’re used to see on floral crowns. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your big day!

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    I love this so much, Kate! Well done! I think flower crowns are so wonderful and harken back to old world wedding traditions — there’s something so mystical and ceremonial about it. Circle, flowers, etc. You get the symbolism.
    It’s really funny and sweet that I was looking at my parent’s wedding photos from 1981 and my mom is wearing a flower crown! It’s right after Christmas (they chose Dec. 26th because they knew they could piggyback on the church’s decorations, ahhh broke newlyweds) so her crown is red and white. Cute to see 30 years later that style has come back around.
    Parents, unwitting trendsetters.

    Can’t wait to see your wedding crown!

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    these are so super dreamy i cannot even express to you about it. lovelovelovelove them. especially the last two.

    have you thought of doing a braid + floral headband mixture? you know some talented braiders, and then the length won’t be as terribly important.

    i have been very much enjoying the pictures from your floral arranging class so far!

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      Thank you! I had that in mind before I cut my hair, but my hair is too short for a braid now. You really have to have hair past your shoulders to braid without it being a stump at the back.

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    I saw the bottom one on Honey Kennedy and had to see the rest of your creations here. So very beautiful! I agree that the first one is a little wild, but it looks like it was a blast to make. What a fun exercise!

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    i’m a little late to this party, but omg gorgeous!! i love flower crowns, and i love these three ‘styles’ of them! i found it so fun to do with even paper flowers, so i can only imagine the real ones. (i’d totally get some yummy-smelling ones to ‘perfume’ my hair…because i’m that obsessed with scent, heh.)

    also, hooray for a (maybe) wedding dress!! sometimes you try on something unexpected (or something you dislike completely in theory/on the hanger), and then suddenly it becomes the forerunner…and you’re left questioning everything else you’ve decided upon! (this happened to me while shopping for a dress for my brother’s wedding, and OH GOD the agony of trying to find matching everythings afterwards!) anyway, can’t wait to see the dress(es?) and the flowers and the everythings. no pressure. ;)


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