Flower Arranging: Week Two

This week was certainly a serious learning lesson. I have to admit I thought I’d be a natural at arranging flowers, that it would be really effortless and no big deal, but it doesn’t come that natural to me, and this week I re-did my arrangement three times over two days. I learned that practice makes perfect, and making an “effortless wild arrangement” (this week’s assignment) is more effort than more formulaic bouquets. I learned a lot about how certain flowers and greens act and don’t play well together, which I think is huge – you have to get to know different plants to know how they’ll work for you. Here’s my second arrangement (the first didn’t even get to a stopping point), which looks like a sad wig or something awful? I didn’t have the best container to start in, and even with a flower frog and flower tape everything kept flopping over. So by the third try I downsized to a big mug and it worked beautifully. I got giddy finishing this one, even though I lost a lot of flowers along the way and there are things I wish I could have changed had I not. But in the end I was really happy with this.

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