Unique Camp

Did you go to camp as a kid? I went twice: once was a mandatory excursion all the sixth graders at my school were required to go to at Camp Casey, where hormones raged and awkwardness was rampant. The second time was a much more magical and nerdy experience when I was a bit older at choir camp when I was in the Seattle Girls Choir (some photos above). It’s probably one of my fondest memories. Which is probably why I am so jazzed about Unique’s upcoming Camp for adults here in California in Big Bear in June. Four days of the unplugged outdoors going to workshops, investing time in growing yourself and your business, meeting awesome people, and having some serious fun.

And guess what? Laure and I are going to lead a workshop together on photography! The fine details are still being hammered out, but it will essentially be a workshop with photo basics for business owners. So maybe you own an online shop or you’re some type of maker/doer and you can’t always hire a photographer every single time you need one – we’ll give you some tips on elevating the quality of your photos.

So I hope to see some of you there June 6-9th. I’m admittedly a little bit nervous as I’m still that shy 12-year-old somewhere inside of me, terrified of making new friends, but mostly I’m really excited to step away from my computer (and phone!) and do something different and nostalgic. I mean, I am the girl getting married at a summer camp, so obviously I’m excited about this.

Read about all the details here, and let me know if you’re coming so we can meet up there! I’m told there are not a ton of spots left. I know it’s an investment, but I think a lot of us small business owners don’t properly invest in bettering ourselves sometimes as we are so focused on tangible supplies and write offs. Or, if you work in an office, talk your boss into sending you!