Flower Arranging: Week Four

I had so much fun with this week’s flowers. The assignment – the last assignment of the class – was a bridal bouquet and a boutonniere and I decided straight away I wanted to pick flowers that were colorful, wild, and less common than the usual bridal look. I was really inspired to use more unusual blooms after buying the amazing Flower Recipe book from Studio Choo, where they made me fall in love with Protea (the big orange crazy looking flower). Once I saw some kale at the flower market I knew they’d make a good match. Anyway, I’m really happy with how this turned out – I’m not sure if I want to go this colorful for my own wedding (still not sure if I’m even going to make a bouquet or not) but I really love all the flowers I bought, learned about a good vendor at the flower market with lots of wild looking stuff (thanks, Bianca! I can’t share who it was because I literally only know it by sight – ha!), and only spend $35 on everything with tons leftover. I made a little arrangement with leftovers which I may like even better for a bouquet if it just had maybe one big white garden rose in it.

I absolutely loved taking this class with Chelsea and would recommend it to anyone. I’m kind of thinking of keeping this up once a month for practice (as I still need lots of it!) It’s funny how quickly I went from frustration to excitement!

ps. Boutonnieres are really hard to photograph and I really need a better place in the studio to take photos!

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