Say Yes (and Then No) To The Dress

photo of Courtney and Zach’s wedding by Henry Busby

I don’t want to talk wedding too often, but mine is about 3 months away and lately I’ve started having wedding nightmares, so needless to say it’s at the forefront of my brain right now so FORGIVE ME. If wedding talk gives you a case of the eye-rolls, close your browser window and I’ll have no hard feelings. It’s a polarizing subject – a friend of mine who shall remain nameless joked (and I agreed/laughed) that the worst thing that can happen to a blog is when the blogger either gets married or has a baby as all their posts shift focus onto that subject when they never had in the past. But then other people beg me for updates. Weddings are such a low priority importance in the world, especially when it saddens me that not everyone can legally marry the person they love everywhere. So now that I’ve gotten my guilt out of the way, can we walk about wedding dresses, if you’re still with me?

So, I bought a new dress. I was warned that buying a dress too early was a bad idea, particularly if nothing else about the wedding was planned and you are a person prone to changing your mind a lot. Check and check. But I’m stubborn and bad at taking advice as I often have moments where I’m sure that I’m different from everyone else. I know. Now, not to point fingers, but the moment when I realized I wanted a new dress was looking through Courtney and Zach’s wedding. THAT DRESS. I’d had no intention of having a long dress and wanted to keep it casual, but something about that dress, and that entire wedding actually, made something click inside my brain. It was void of a theme besides a beautiful and effortless gathering in the woods. And I got all…wanty (in the words of my bff). I know you’re supposed to stay offline once you’re far long in the planning stages, but I can’t help it, my life is online. So I started to hunt. And hunt. And hunt. And suddenly my life was consumed and my old dress would not do and I wouldn’t be happy until I found the dress that spoke to me. And you know what? That was ridiculously unhealthy and distracting, but only lasted a couple weeks and I FOUND IT. But along the way I found a lot of other dress. Like, a lot. It took a lot of digging because I was looking for something that wasn’t necessarily a wedding dress, but could pass as one in a modern, casual wedding like mine. I am so not a girly girl when it comes to wedding dresses and I figure a lot of other ladies out there feel the same!

So I compiled all the dresses I found, along with some that weren’t what I was looking for, but I loved. I made a Svpply collection for modern brides with everything that you can peep here, along with some shoes and random things I added too. Everything is under $1,000 (my criteria). The dress I picked is hidden in there, but I’m going to keep it a surprise as I like surprises and Will doesn’t want to see my dress until the big day (adorable.) Take a look if you’re in the market for something.

Now, what to do with the old dress? I’m selling it (photo below)! I still love it so much and think it would make the best Summer wedding dress, bridesmaids dress, or just a pretty dress to wear to a party. You can read more details on instagram about it, and email me at katemiss at if you’re interested or want more details.