Weekly Music: Emily King

You guys, being sick really knocked me off my butt. I could barely work last week and now my cold has morphed into a sinus infection so I’m just focusing on all the work and emails I’ve neglected while trying not to whine too much, so the blog takes a back seat this week.

But! I’ve been loving Dabitos beautiful music mixes lately and discovered this gorgeous, gorgeous Emily King song, “Georgia” and had to share. I want to crawl inside of this song.

You guys are always so helpful, any sinus infection remedies? It’s been ages since I had one. I’ve heard eating raw garlic (ugh) and drinking apple cider vinegar can help, but I haven’t tried that yet. I’m using a neti pot twice a day (sorry, TMI) and that helps but isn’t long lasting relief. Thank you in advance! See you next week.