Weekly Music: Lily & Madeleine, David Lynch & Lykke Li

Hi friends. I’m back from the most amazing time at Unique Camp, which I’m saving for another post once photos are all posted, so I’ll tell you more later. But, I want to share some music I caught up on last night before the illness I caught at camp took over me that I am now only half-alive from this morning. Oof. First up, reader Kristin sent me some beautiful new music from Lily & Madeleine, two talented sisters from Indiana who write the loveliest songs.

Next is a new song from the upcoming David Lynch album, featuring Lykke Li. The video is as mesmerizing as the song, reminiscent of his film Lost Highway.

If you wrote me an email last week you’re waiting for a reply from, it may take me a bit longer, apologies!