A Camping Trip

For Christmas Will and I got each other camping supplies as we decided it would be the Year of Camping. We’ve been pretty pathetic about holding that decision up, but we finally managed to go rather last minute a couple weeks ago. I reserved the only campsite I could find within a few hours of LA that wasn’t totally booked, a little campsite in Idyllwild. We pumped ourselves up for 24 hours of relaxation and solitude, having both grown up going camping like that, so when we arrived after winding up the gorgeous Jacintos to a campsite 30 feet from the center of town, each campsite practically sitting on top of the other with no privacy whatsoever, we both sat in silence for 10 minutes, quietly trying to not throw tantrums at our lack of solitude. But we made the most of it, and despite our disappointment the light was really beautiful, we saw gorgeous blue jays, and California doesn’t disappoint, even when you’re watching your neighbor play Guitar Hero 10 feet away. And then a mosquito bit me on my eye and I woke up looking like the Elephant man, but hey, adventure!

Southern Californians, please tell me all your camping spot secrets that don’t involve me reserving a site 6 months ahead of time!