A desert birthday adventure

I’ve been sitting on this film for an embarrassing amount of time for no good reason, but a few months ago our friend Maude had a magical birthday adventure in Joshua Tree. We don’t know many of her friends and the details of a huge group of people cramming into her friends’ tiny place with no air conditioning in the blazing desert sun were sounding like the type of thing we old folks would have passed on, but I had an inkling it might be a great time so I talked Will into it and I think I surprised Maude when we accepted her invitation. If it isn’t apparent to you Joshua Tree is our happy place that holds healing powers. Maude’s friend Emily lives in this amazing little house (that’s a really cheap rental, sigh) that felt like it was plucked off some rocky ocean shore and placed on a long dirt road in the middle of nowhere. We drank beers, shot BBs at cans, played a rousing game of bocce ball (side note: my favorite game ever), grilled food, built a fire, drank more beer, went on a group walk to look at Joshua Trees in the moonlight, and woke up to a blazing sun that fried the hangover right out of you. We brought our tent so we wouldn’t have to sardine it inside and it was such a fun little adventure. When we got home I daydreamed and looked up houses in Joshua Tree and thought of Lily and came back down to earth. But seriously, can we all share a house there, guys?

two side notes: I made Maude’s birthday crown out of Walmart flowers and wire in the car ride over and this film is crappy film also from Walmart as I ran out. Proof you don’t need all the dollar bills to have a good time, y’all.

All photos by Kate Miss shot on a Canon A-1