Weekly Music: Ladies of Summer

While keeping my eyes peeled for new music lately, I’ve been disappointed in the lack of lady presence. So after some obsessive Jenny O. and Quadron listening led me down a little rabbit hole, I decided to keep tabs on good new/newish lady songs the past few weeks and saved them in a playlist that I feel is finally ready for its debut. It’s definitely pop dance-leaning as that’s my mood lately, but it slows down at the end to lull you into a sweet summer night.

This is only on Spotify for now, but I’ve included links to youtube videos of each song for my non-Spotify blessed readers.

  1. Class Actress Weekend
  2. Emily Wells No Good
  3. Quadron LFT
  4. The Knife A Tooth for an Eye
  5. Colette When the Music’s Loud
  6. Alpine Hands
  7. Charli XCX Nuclear Seasons
  8. Owl Eyes Nightswim
  9. Emily King Georgia
  10. Camera Obscura Desire Lines
  11. Jenny O. Lazy Jane

* The Jenny O. album is really, really something special if you haven’t had a listen.