Beauty Products: Update #4

Hey you guys! It’s been a while since we got girly and talked about beauty products, so, let’s. Some things I’m into since the last times we chatted:

1. DIOR Diorshow Iconic Waterproof Mascara – On the last Ermie shoot, I asked Bea what her favorite waterproof mascara was so I could cry through some stuff at the wedding. She didn’t even have to think for a second before recommending this baby, and while I thought I wouldn’t want to wear a waterproof mascara every day, I actually have been. It washes right off with face wash and does not budge or end up under your eyes. Through a hilarious clumsy accident I sprayed water all over my face and put it to the test: does not budge. Sweaty LA days: does not budge. Also, does not clump, looks natural, but takes your eyeslashes up a notch. A+

2. Alima Pure – Jen posted about this brand a while back and I ordered every sample ever from them asap (can all makeup have a sample option for ordering please?). They make all natural mineral makeup in Portland, OR. I’d never tried mineral makeup before, and the results are mixed. My face isn’t into the concealer or eyeliner, but I LOVE the blush. I’m still working on my samples, rotating between the Satin Matte Blush in Honey Rose and the Luminous Shimmer Blush in Freja – both peachy tones, but the first is darker and more rosey, better for a more noticeable look. I also got an eyeshadow sample that I’m not super crazy about the sparkle in it, so I want to order a matte color next time as I really like the texture and how long it lasts. This is great makeup for looking really fresh faced.

3. Almay Wake Up Under Eye Concealer – A couple years ago when I wrote my first beauty post, I told you about how much I loved Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer. But I was going through it fast and dang, that stuff ain’t cheap. So while milling around the makeup at Target, I saw this Almay concealer that sounded very similar. At half the cost of the Clinique stuff, I figured I’d give it a try. The applicator is not nearly as nice (you squeeze it, which can lead to mishaps), but guess what? It’s basically the exact same product inside and covers my dark circles like a champ. ‘Nuff said.

4. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner – This one I owe to you, dear readers, as so many of you recommended this eyeliner in my last post asking for recommendations. I’d never used eyeliner with this type of application before – it comes in a little pot that you apply with a brush (I use this angled one) – and I’m so in love. It looks exactly the same at night as it does when I apply it in the morning. High-five to those who told me about it!

5. Stila Stay All Day Lipstick – I’ve been on this truly epic quest for a lipstick to wear for the wedding, my main criteria being that it won’t come off when: kissing, eating, or drinking as I think lipstick coming off on things is disgusting. I’m not talking about the way Nars lipstick stays on really well, I’m talking does! not! come! off! at all – for at least four hours. I think I tried them all, including the Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge that came so highly recommended (no thanks, sticky glue lipstick) and the surprisingly awesome Maybelline 24 hour lipstick (I don’t like the colors though! Too dull). The winner is Stila, by a landslide. Beso is a classic vintage red that I’d compare to MAC Ruby Woo, but it looks SO different on everyone. I’ve made three other friends try it and it looks completely different on all of us. It has a matte finish much like a stain, but I found it way less drying than all the others and outlasted all the others through eating, drinking, fake kissing my arm (true story, I’m 12 again?). I could see it being too dry for some people, but that’s why Sephora has free returns. I use a brush to apply it as I’m better with a brush, other friends swear by the lipgloss-like applicator it comes with. You have to remove this baby with an oil-based makeup remover – keep a q-tip with it nearby while you apply.

6. Beautiful Curls Curl Defining Gel – When Bethany cut my hair she used this stuff and I was intrigued because I like to put something in my hair after a shower and I can’t find my favorite coconut mousse anymore. Works awesome for taming my unpredictable waves while they dry. Affordable for how huge and lasting it is, and I buy it where I buy my vitamins, though I’m told Whole Foods also carries it!

7. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Crème Compact – It seems like everyone loves her tinted moisturizer but me – it just goes on so thin and rubs off easily, I’d rather just use concealer where I need it. But sometimes you need a little more coverage (for photos, going out all fancy, etc.) and months ago I got a sample of this stuff and ignored it until the other day. I love it! Really into it more than the tube stuff. I wet the sponge it comes with and apply a thin later everywhere and apply a little more where needed. When I use it, I still use my beloved MAC concealer on blemishes. It definitely won’t be something I use often, but it’s nice to have something with more coverage when you need it.

Ok, your turn. Tell me all about what you’re into these days. I’m on the hunt for an under-eye cream that brightens that doesn’t use retinol. I think maybe it’s a lost cause? You can see my past beauty posts about other products I use daily!