Weekly Music: Heatwave Worthy

Have I complained yet about how unbearably hot it is here in LA right now? It’s hard to function! Here are some heat wave appropriate tunes I’ve been into lately:

Two Big Black Delta songs as I love this album so much and these songs are my favorite – and very different from each other. The dancetastic “Huggin & Kissin” and the mellow, sweet jam “Love You This Summer”.

Braids “Hossack”. This album goes on for a little too long, but a few songs are really fantastic, like this one.

The newest Au Revoir Simone single, “Crazy”. I kind of expected the new album to go more in the direction of Erika’s solo album, but this single makes me I think I was wrong!

Not very new, but I just discovered this excellent Poolside cover of my favorite Neil Young song, “Harvest Moon”.