Weekly Music: Heatwave Worthy

Have I complained yet about how unbearably hot it is here in LA right now? It’s hard to function! Here are some heat wave appropriate tunes I’ve been into lately:

Two Big Black Delta songs as I love this album so much and these songs are my favorite – and very different from each other. The dancetastic “Huggin & Kissin” and the mellow, sweet jam “Love You This Summer”.

Braids “Hossack”. This album goes on for a little too long, but a few songs are really fantastic, like this one.

The newest Au Revoir Simone single, “Crazy”. I kind of expected the new album to go more in the direction of Erika’s solo album, but this single makes me I think I was wrong!

Not very new, but I just discovered this excellent Poolside cover of my favorite Neil Young song, “Harvest Moon”.


  1. says

    We are musical soulmates. Also living in LA, and it is stupid hot. Why does it decide to get to lava-like temperatures when everywhere else is starting to cool down and move into sweater weather?

  2. Alexis says

    Have you listened to the new Janelle Monae album yet? It’s bananas great. Maybe a little more R&B/pop than you’ve been posting recently, but some serious female soul and great messaging and Totally Addictive dance party action.

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