Weekly Music: New albums + running mix

When I was in high school I worshiped Trent Reznor, but haven’t paid much attention to Nine Inch Nails in over 10 years. But I really like the new album, Hesitation Marks. I’ve found it’s perfect music to make jewelry to, the perfect amount of aggression and even a little dance worthy (like, embarrassing alone in my studio dancing). “A Copy of A” is my favorite track, but there really isn’t one song I don’t like on the album.

I finally got around to giving the new Janelle Monáe a whirl, which took me a while because admittedly, I liked the last album, but definitely didn’t love it, and kind of forgot about it after a few months of listening. I could see her potential and amazing talent, and thoroughly enjoyed a few songs, but it was missing something to keep me coming back. But this new album definitely does it for me – it’s fantastic. I love all the guest appearances, and the Prince contribution is by far my favorite. My only complaint is album interludes/skits are my pet peeve, but that’s just me. Will listens to a lot of hip hop so I’m totally familiar with them and get that they set the tone and the story of the album, but once you hear them a few times, skipping past them is a little tiresome. But maybe it’s just because I listen to new albums on constant repeat – no exaggeration?

Speaking of the album, I put a lot of the songs on my running mix after putting a call out on twitter for good running music. I’ve got a playlist going and I’d love if any of you have a playlist of your own for running/working out that’s up online that I can see! This week marked two months of running every week for me, and I’m really proud of myself as I rarely stick to something like this. I feel awesome and really look forward to running mornings, which is so crazy to say. Here’s my Spotify mix, which I set on shuffle (sorry to those of you who can’t use Spotify!):

Lastly, this is my last post for a while!! Our wedding is next Saturday and next week is crunch time to get everything done and also let my brain rest from work. I’m putting an obnoxious auto-reply on my email starting Saturday as I’m officially taking a BREAK! (Right after I photograph someone else’s wedding this Saturday – I know, crazy, but I got this.) I’m sure there will be lots of Instagram posts, but once we’re on the mountain next Friday, there’s zero internet or cell service until Sunday, which I’m kind of looking forward to. I’m SO excited/nervous for the day and relieved for this to be over so I can go back to normal life, HA!