Interview on Clementine Daily


Over the summer Erin Loechner emailed me to see if she could interview me for her fantastic new online venture, Clementine Daily. I’m grateful that people care about hearing what I have to say, but I often loathe interviews as I feel like most of them ask the same questions I can’t imagine anyone wants to read, and when I have to pull an answer out of my ass for “what inspires you?” I want to throw a toddler tantrum as I have no idea how to answer that question, ever. But Erin is one of my internet role models – the direction she took Design for Mankind in this year with quality over quantity is damn inspiring – so I knew she would bring a good thought provoking conversation to the table. And she did. So much so that it took me way too long to answer her questions and some of them sent my brain into a weird tailspin questioning what the hell I was doing with my life. It wasn’t her fault, it was just perfect timing for my year of What The Hell Am I Doing? Part II (I’ve already had this phase once, seven years ago.) The final interview, which you can read here, is thankfully shaved down to read like I am more sane than I felt at the time, and I feel lucky to have had this opportunity to share a little bit of myself with an awesome site on the eve of my 30th birthday. And if you were wondering, I still don’t exactly know what’s next for my world or what the hell I’m doing, I just feel a lot better about not knowing. I think we can all relate.