Little Moments


I like to finish up a roll of film at home because even though it’s not particularly interesting now, in a while they’ll be little time capsules of moments to look back on. Already I’ve moved things around where Wendy perches (a photo I know I’ve taken countless times) and the eucalyptus left over from our wedding flowers has withered away.

All photos by Kate Miss shot on a Mamiya 645AF with Kodak Portra 400 film


  1. says

    Sweet – there is something entirely different about the photographs you get from film. I am thinking a lot about getting my Canon A1 fixed these days, but I don’t know where! These are so, so lovely!

  2. says

    sometimes it’s the throwaway shots that are the best, in the end. maybe because they’re the most real? who knows. either way, these are lovely. (and wendy is always a good subject! i swear she must have been a queen in a previous lifetime…)

  3. Trin says

    Lovely. I want my house to look like this :) Also I’ve been desperately searching for draw pulls like those on your bedside drawers. Do you know what that style is called and if I can buy anything similar online? I’m in Australia.

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