Weddings: Goldy + Keenan


The weekend before our own wedding, Will and I drove down near San Diego to Quail Haven farm and I shot someone else’s wedding – an event that many thought I was out of my mind to shoot so close to ours and during the most stressful week ever, but honestly, it was pretty nice. It was a distraction and a creative focus that didn’t involve spreadsheets, and it was a pretty low stress day as far as shooting weddings go.

What I can say about Goldy and Keenan’s wedding, besides how lovely it was and how touching all the little details hand crafted by them and their families, is that I’ve never seen a more competitive group of people in my life. I should have been tipped off when they told me they met on an ultimate frisbee team, but the extent of this wasn’t totally evident to me until everyone sat down for dinner and a drinking contest broke out to see which table got to go to the buffet line next. It went from drinking beer from glasses to drinking beer straight from the pitchers quite rapidly. Needless to say it was a lively evening, and they were smart people to hire a bus to drive everyone to their hotels. Weddings, above all, should be really damn fun and they certainly succeeded. And dang, that beautiful golden light!

Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-31 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-44 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-47 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-55 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-52 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-96 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-97 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-111 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-124 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-166 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-134 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-165 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-168 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-171 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-214 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-223 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-226 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-259 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-263 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-266 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-269 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-280 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-286 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-288 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-356 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-364 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-373 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-431 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-454

The details:

Photography: Kate Miss (shot on a mix of digital and medium format film) | Floral Design: Inland Wholesale Flowers assembled by Brides Friends (Alia+Becca) | Invitations: VistaPrint | Event Day-Of Coordinator: Taryn Sutherand |  Hair and Makeup: Bride+Bride’s Sister (Maggie)| Ceremony Dress: Handmade in Vietnam | Ceremony Shoes: Wasteland | Desserts: Whole Foods + Ben and Jerry’s | Reception Dress: Bride’s Mom | Food: Bride’s Mom |Bridesmaids Dresses: Bride’s Mom | Wedding Venue: Quail Haven Farms | Arbor decor: Bride’s Mom | Lighting: Bright Ideas Lighting
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