Hi guys, how are you? It’s November. NOVEMBER! I’ve been slightly MIA as it’s quite a season for me, this fall. Married, turned 30, trying my damn best to get a jewelry collection done and online asap, going on our honeymoon next week, cutting ALL MY HAIR OFF (thanks to Bethany’s skills, go see her), busiest freelance month ever, going on our honeymoon next week, and then moving. Yeah, moving. Again? Yes, again. Look, I’d like to say this time might stick, but you know? Probably not. This is what we do, we move. We explore, we try something new. Like all the hair I chop off and the furniture I rearrange, I move. I’m totally fine with it as I love change, as you may know. I think I might like being stressed out as well. Shhh. Yes, I know, I somehow managed a pug photo shoot in there but that was out of sanity necessity and only took an hour.

This move is interesting because it’s a new side of town, near Highland Park in a little area called Hermon, and we’re giving up the studio for a two bedroom with a patio, so I’ll work from home again. Last time I worked from home I didn’t have a separate area to work in so it was no bueno, but this time it will be very separate, with an outdoor area to get messy and chill in, so I’m hoping it’s going to be OK. Having all of my things I need to use to work at the studio has been getting to be a pain while I’m so busy lately. It’s impossible to go back after dinner and I end up not getting as much work done as I should be. It stops me from being a workaholic, but sometimes I need to do that for a week or two and then relax. We’re also so over not having a parking spot, let me tell you.

Anyway, all this to say I’m going to be quiet for a week or two, and then I’ll be back with WEDDING photos (trying for Monday!) and honeymoon photos (Big Sur!) and jewelry and music and all that good stuff.

Here are some things I’ve been stockpiling to tell you about:

1. Kelly asked some of us bloggers to contribute a photo of our cat or dog for an amazing calendar she put together for charity. Wendy is Miss September in her dashing bandana. Please take a look and buy a digital download to help support a good cause! So many great little furry dudes in there.

2. I redesigned Kayte’s super awesome blog, This Is Love Forever! Go check it out, she is amazing.

3. Tonight is the opening of the Hammer Museum’s fantastic project Arts ReSTORE LA and Jennifer of Ermie and Weltenbuerger have a space they’re curating and yours truly has BRAND new concrete bead necklaces for sale! I cannot attend the opening, but it will be open the month of November and you should definitely check it out as so many great talents are involved.

4. This Sunday is the second annual Feliz sale in Austin at The Palm Door. I wish with all my heart I could have swung taking part in it again as Leigh and Laura have really put together one incredible looking line up of makers this year. Texans, please head over there for me and report back!

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

Ok I can’t help it, here’s a peek for those who have begged. Amazing photo by Kim Smith-Miller. I’ll give you all the other details later!