Good Smells


A few weeks ago Anabela tweeted about wanting recommendations for non-toxic deodorant. I read the huge amount of responses, which lead to this great blog post by Kris Carr about natural deodorant options. The reason this all grabbed my interest is kind of TMI you guys, but I keeps it real. I get a lot of ridiculously painful ingrown hairs in my arm pits and it finally dawned on me after some research that whoa, aluminum antiperspirant is not spectacular for you and the way it clogs your pores to stop sweating was quite possibly the source of my discomfort. Now, I often toe the line of “hippie” when it comes to beauty/personal products, but for the most part I pick my battles and use products that work and feel only slightly guilty about what I’m putting on my body. But the more I read about the deodorant I use the more I was pretty frightened and decided to make the switch. I was hesitant because I was full-on hippie in college and used one of those crystals you get wet and newsflash, that stuff does not work on me. But after reading Kris’s website I decided to give the Crystal Essence line a try as it was one of her favorites and is an easy to apply roll on.

Here’s my conclusion: I sweat, but I do not smell at all and my ingrown hairs have cleared up immediately. I think I’m kind of a medium to high sweater – I’m someone with a generally awesome level of nervousness and anxiety (small biz owner, what what!) and I live in Los Angeles, where it is No-friggin-vember and pushing 80 degrees (ugh, you guys). Coming to terms with being ok with being sweaty is weird, but kind of nice. See, when you’re not using traditional deodorant that cakes and leaves a residue on you (even the gels and clear stuff, I’ve tried it all), you’re not sweating that stuff out onto your clothes, which ruins the armpits of your clothing. So it’s like, “I’m sweating, but it’s totally OK.” This leads my mind to spiral out of control thinking about how sweating is such a weird feminist issue as, well, yes, sweating a huge amount doesn’t feel great, but women are conditioned to think that sweating is for guys and is gross and un-ladylike. So, I’m embracing my sweat. I hear there are some non-toxic ways that reduce sweating, which I may try out. Anabela has some other really great recommendations. I’m kind of lazy about the kind you put on with your fingers, but some do sound tempting.

Now! While we’re on the topic of sweating and smelling not gross, let’s talk perfume! I’ve been spending some time over the past couple years trying to find a new signature scent after wearing some mainstream perfumes over the year (Burberry Brit and Chloe) and deciding I was tired of wearing something every other girl ever wore. I’ve discovered that I’m not one for a signature scent and more into a scent for different occasions. Right now I wear Olo’s Nationale 6/7, which is perfect for a chillier evenings, but sometimes it’s a little too musky in the hot LA sunshine. I don’t wear perfume every day because as a freelancer, I often don’t see other humans besides my cat and husband for days. Recently Anne of MCMC was kind enough to send me some of her new cologne version of her very popular Dude No. 1 Beard Oil, Dude No. 1, that both men and women can wear. I really like more androgynous scents, so I jumped up and down about this. It’s a really fantastic every day-type scent that’s perfect for when I want to see other humans and smell really particularly nice. I think it’s really fascinating how scents smell different on different people thanks to body chemistry, and this smells very different on Will! On me it has a heavy, almost lemongrass-like note that comes out, and on Will it’s more woodsy. MCMC makes other great fragrances, I wear Noble Hunter (whoops, my mistake!) as well often.

In related news, have you ever ordered from Surrender To Chance? (I know, it needs a redesign.) They have samples of pretty much every perfume and cologne ever, specializing in very hard to find and indie scents. Jen posted about a Byredo perfume that sounded amazing, but the perfume is incredibly expensive and they don’t sell small samples and getting my butt to Barney’s sounded unlikely. So I came across Surrender To Chance and ordered a bunch of Byredo samples. I ended up liking the perfume, but loving a different one called Gypsy Water (sample vial is here). It’s definitely a mature, strong scent I wear out at night when I want to feel fancy. Another cool thing Surrender To Chance has are these sample sets and note sets. So I looked up what common notes my favorite perfumes had in common and ordered sets of those. Now I just need to save my pennies or ask Santa for a full size of that Byredo Gypsy Water…

I turn the mic over to you, readers. Fragrance and deodorant, go!