Our Wedding Invites, aka my life’s work

FMFY_KateMiss-weddinginvite FMFY_KateMiss-weddinginvite-2 FMFY_KateMiss-weddinginvite-3 FMFY_KateMiss-weddinginvite-5 FMFY_KateMiss-weddinginvite-4 FMFY_KateMiss-weddinginvite-6

I remembered the other day that I never shared our wedding invitations with you that I designed! I forgot to bring them to the wedding to have Kim photograph, so please enjoy these photos on my office floor since I don’t have a proper photo area set up yet! I joked to people this was my life’s work as I worked really damn hard on it. It started with the save the date, which I picked out some inspiration for, showed it to Will, and he ran with it and made some fun camp and forest themed illustrations that I laid out. It was supposed to just be a postcard but the printed card was so flimsy I didn’t want to put it through the mail so we got envelopes. After that was out, we knew we wanted to expand on that for the invite and I kept most of the same design elements. For the invite I took his illustration aesthetic and made some botanical illustrations, all based off of this great chart that was hanging in the lodge at Camp Seely of wildflowers of the San Bernardino Mountains (sorry I don’t have that photo online anywhere!). I made the hand lettering and Will made some more illustrations for the packing list chart (my favorite part is the “positivity and an open mind”, a nod to our family that we could tell were skeptical by this entire event) and then I pulled everything together over a few months, trying to use the same design guide that I used for all the printed pieces at the wedding (signs, maps, etc.). We knew we wanted an easily contained folding invite as I’m not a fan of ones that have a bunch of loose pieces and it needed to include a really clear map and instructions as there was no cell reception on the mountain. Maybe we got overzealous with being trying to be helpful, but everyone told us it was the most thorough invite ever and they appreciated it as it was such a unique wedding, sleeping in cabins meant for children and all. I printed them with GreenerPrinter.com, which was affordable and I like that they are eco friendly, but I will admit I wish the paper had been thicker and a little nicer. But not a huge deal! I got the envelopes from Jam Paper, which reminded me of something a camper in the 60s would have sent a letter home in, and printed the round stickers with our “logo” to give an extra closure myself with round 3m labels (nerdy designer side note I think 3m makes the best matte labels that give the richest colors). The smartest thing I did was print all the addresses onto the envelopes as I hand wrote all of them for the save the dates and wanted to kill myself!

Thank you for reading the world’s longest paragraph ever. I’ve been asked if I’d be willing to design wedding invites for others and my answer is: only if you are not crazy people like we are. So many arguments over wording that I can only LAUGH hard at now. One thousand fist bumps to my girl Lisa Butterworth for her profesh proof reading.