Winter/Spring 2014 Jewelry Collection

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May I present the Kate Miss Jewelry Winter/Spring 2014 Collection! It’s a small collection of handmade concrete beaded necklaces – some natural, some painted, some dyed. I’ve been asked often to bring back the beaded clay necklaces, but I stopped making them for a reason and wanted to explore ways to make a collection that was reminiscent, but more grown up and subdued while still being affordable. In between wedding planning, I spent a good chunk of my summer experimenting with concrete and settled on making bead shapes very similar to the clay ones as I really like the way they work and are easy to wear. The beads aren’t too heavy and are very lasting and sturdy.

As for the cast bronze necklaces, they are almost the same, but I’ve switched to using gold-fill chain. It’s much more expensive, but I’m not raising the price besides making them all the same price (there was some slight variation before). What this means is that the chain will take much, much longer to tarnish (years, really, depending on how often you wear it) and you won’t need to clean it as often. You’ll just need to shine up your bronze pendant/bead with a squirt of ketchup now and then (yep!) and you’ll be good to go.

Concrete necklaces are all made to order and should take about a week or two to ship, cast necklaces will ship a couple days within your order. So get your holiday presents now!

Will art directed this shoot and made the amazing backdrop and props, I took all the photos, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. He wanted to take this shoot in a more interesting direction than I’ve done before and I think he certainly succeeded. Due to time constraints I had to be my own model like old times, but it was really fun to do the makeup and take my time with the photos in the studio.

Thank you as always for your support, friends! If you want to spread the word you can use any images you’d like.

All photos taken by Kate Miss and art directed by William Steinman