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I keep writing and deleting posts, trying to say something more than a few sentences. But I’ve given up trying as it’s been one of those weeks! So, two shots from last week: another stellar sunset out my studio area in our new place, and some Chihuly in Arizona. Looking forward to a productive weekend ahead. Have a good one, friends!



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    ahhhh i want to see the chihuly exhibition! we were in arizona over the holiday and tried to go but couldn’t manage to leave the house early enough to get there. might have to make a special trip down for it…

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    i just went to see the chihuly exhibit at the montreal museum of fine art back in november! his work is ridiculous, in the best of ways. really inspiring and fun, which is a difficult combination (usually one overpowers the other). this shot of his work is freaking awesome, too, dude…and that sunset (as are all sunsets in LA?) is intense.

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