Great Heights


Even though my plate has been extra full lately (just the way I like it), I’ve been making a point to take breaks on go on lots of hikes lately. I know this is a very LA thing to do, but I never partook in it much when we lived on the other side of town as I didn’t have a car at my disposal to get to the hikes and the closest thing was Griffith Park, which I love but the trails are often super crowded and I prefer more solitude. On our new side of town there are so many pretty walks and hikes to discover, and it feels like exactly what I needed. Reflecting on how I was starting to feel about LA when we lived in Koreatown, I realize how necessary this move was for us – me especially. Maybe it’s watching half of the country get buried in snow while I sunbathe, but oh LA, I love you. Cue Jenny.

December was such a downer of a month that it took everything in me to turn it around. January has been a steady climb to such greater heights (literally and figuratively) and I can feel that the knot of worry inside my stomach is nearly gone. I was hiking at my recent favorite – Ernest Debs – with just a few other people walking their dogs, watching the sun was just start to slip and turn everything golden and the hot, hot day was fading and a cool breeze started blowing. I walked over to the edge of the trail and closed my eyes for a full minute to feel everything in that moment, it was so perfect. I opened my eyes and looked down, picked up the prettiest rock I could find and pocketed it. It sits on my desk now within view to remind me to always find strength in turning things around. I’ve said this here before, but sometimes it’s necessary to feel like a pathetic sack of shit to appreciate the contrast in feeling amazing.


Fellow NELA dwellers, any other hiking recs? I went on a sweet little loop at Eagle Rock Canyon trail and I walk all over my neighborhood, but I’m willing to drive a bit more.


  1. says

    beautiful scenes you’ve captured, kate!

    if you’re ever up for returning to griffith, i have a favorite, not-so-crowded trail to share with you.

  2. Mfree says

    Great photo of Debs park! I love heading up to the lake early in the morning when the mist is rising off the water. It’s so serene. We also like hiking the trail above Glenoaks Blvd. or any of the paths leading up from Brand Library. The views from the Verdugo Mountains are incredible!

  3. Amy says

    Beautiful photos! I’m very envious, as I have yet to find those quiet spaces or trails in Chicago.

    Would you be willing to share a few recommendations for trails within the city of Los Angeles? I’m visiting in March, and would love to shake my legs and climb some hills and stairs.

  4. says

    I was driving back to the office today and was thinking to myself that it was time for another hike. I’m in San Diego, and we’ve got some great spots if you’re ever out this way. Cheers to you for reaching new heights (figuratively and literally)!

  5. says

    this looks so perfect. i live in nyc right now and have been begging my husband for years to move to LA just so we can live in a city aaaaannnnddddd be able to hike. love this.

  6. says

    Beautiful photos Kate! I especially love the very first one, a lot.
    You made me want to hike up a hill so bad, but there’s no such things as hills here…
    Do keep exploring and feeling amazing! It’s good for your heart and it’s good for our eyes.

  7. says

    I’m happy that you were able to turn things around. I think a physical reminder would work well for me too. I’ll try to remember that next time I feel amazing :) Thank you!

  8. Gloria says

    Kate! Try switzer falls in the Angeles Crest Forrest during the week…not weekend as it gets too crowded. You’ll need an adventure pass tho.

  9. says

    Hey Kate! I’ve been a longtime reader of your blog, and I spent a year in Highland Park before moving near the Scientology Center in August… I hate it over here, and can’t wait til my lease is up so I can get back to NELA…

    I am still over there pretty frequently because my bf lives nearby, and I love to hike the lower Arroyo Seco, down under the Colorado Bridge… And it’s a bit of a schlep, but if you just take the 2 North right up to Verdugo (at the 134 interchange), behind Descanso Gardens there’s a nice hiking area called Cherry Canyon that’s pretty quiet and doesn’t get a lot of visitors. I also spend a lot of time up the Angeles Crest Highway above La Canada, my Forest Adventure Pass has paid for itself twice over! Otherwise Debs Park used to be my favorite too!

    This is a great resource that I purchased and have been meaning to explore for exercise and fun, if you wanna check it out, too!

    Love the blog, love your photography, thank you for sharing a little of your life with us <3


    • says

      awesome, thank you! Love the stair book, I posted about it a million years ago but haven’t gone through it again in quite a while.

      Also funny we made the opposite move! We used to live across from the Scientology center. I loved the proximity to everything, but it’s definitely not as peaceful.

  10. tk says

    oh my GAD that first pic is so stunning i want to melt into it! hope u put it in your etsy bc i want to stare at it everyday. youre the coolllleesst. xo -tk

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