Great Heights


Even though my plate has been extra full lately (just the way I like it), I’ve been making a point to take breaks on go on lots of hikes lately. I know this is a very LA thing to do, but I never partook in it much when we lived on the other side of town as I didn’t have a car at my disposal to get to the hikes and the closest thing was Griffith Park, which I love but the trails are often super crowded and I prefer more solitude. On our new side of town there are so many pretty walks and hikes to discover, and it feels like exactly what I needed. Reflecting on how I was starting to feel about LA when we lived in Koreatown, I realize how necessary this move was for us – me especially. Maybe it’s watching half of the country get buried in snow while I sunbathe, but oh LA, I love you. Cue Jenny.

December was such a downer of a month that it took everything in me to turn it around. January has been a steady climb to such greater heights (literally and figuratively) and I can feel that the knot of worry inside my stomach is nearly gone. I was hiking at my recent favorite – Ernest Debs – with just a few other people walking their dogs, watching the sun was just start to slip and turn everything golden and the hot, hot day was fading and a cool breeze started blowing. I walked over to the edge of the trail and closed my eyes for a full minute to feel everything in that moment, it was so perfect. I opened my eyes and looked down, picked up the prettiest rock I could find and pocketed it. It sits on my desk now within view to remind me to always find strength in turning things around. I’ve said this here before, but sometimes it’s necessary to feel like a pathetic sack of shit to appreciate the contrast in feeling amazing.


Fellow NELA dwellers, any other hiking recs? I went on a sweet little loop at Eagle Rock Canyon trail and I walk all over my neighborhood, but I’m willing to drive a bit more.