My Favorite Photos of 2013

I felt off my game this year. I’ll elaborate later in my resolutions post when I can wrap my head around writing it, but specifically talking about my photography, I shot a handful of photos that I really love and added additions to my print shop I was excited about – and that’s definitely great – but overall didn’t reach my goals to shoot more people or figure out a focus for my work. I didn’t get as serious as I meant to. You can see my intentions to shoot more portraits in the beginning of the year, and then everything took a bit of a break over the summer (weddings, damn, they consume your life). So I make the same resolution for my photography this year as last year: more portraits. But also, I want to start a series of sorts. Or find a theme I’ve already started to continue. And as always, more adventures to shoot, even though that’s easy as my surrounding lend themselves to pretty photos easily. I have way too many goals for this year, but I’ll try to keep that all in mind in the back of my head.

So, my favorite photos – 1 per month:







June (didn’t really take photos that month!)