This Year

I keep writing this post in my mind, over and over. And I wanted to address what I failed at this year, but acknowledge what I managed to succeed at, but largely it was going to involve pointless regrets and the lack of progression in my professional life. And then I was reading Felicia’s blog (which I recently discovered and devoured) and I saw this quote and felt lifted:

I’m constantly aware of lost opportunities. I used to think such lost opportunities were beautiful towns flashing by my train windows, but now I imagine they are lanterns from the past, casting light on what’s ahead. – Chris Huntington

Simply, this year:

– Get my jewelry business back on track and focused. Do more events and wholesale accounts. Advertise? Oof, I’ve never done all that and now I need to. You can’t ride good luck forever, apparently. :)
– Be a good wife, a part of a good marriage. Understand and know what that means, at least most of the time.
– Surround myself with people who are good to me. Professionally and personally. People who are good to me will get me farther than anyone with a lot of “connections”, anytime. Tell those people how good they are to me.
– Meet more creatives in LA, collaborate more. Interact in person more.
– Take classes.
– Use my library card more.
– Spend more wisely. Shopping is not therapy. Finances are so key this year.
– Be less forgetful. Write it down, stay on top of things. I started using the Any.DO app + chrome extension (that part was key, I’m not a huge app user) and so far I really like it.
– More small adventures. I mean that in so many different ways.
– Stay physically active in at least some small way every day.

My biggest themes:

1. Let it go. “Choose your battles” also applies to the battles inside your head and heart. This is so far-reaching across so many facets of my life. From friends and clients I hold grudges towards to road rage on the freeway. To projects going wrong and letting the regret consume me. Failure is a lesson learned, analyze it, grow.

2. Focus. Get it. Push. Ok, I sound like a Jillian Michaels work out, but I lost my edge last year and my ambition wavered. I’m an unhappy person when I’m not doing slightly too much and wanting more for myself productively. Figure out what I should be focusing on more and less, what I’m good at and what people like from me. I had to put a lot of my business aside while planning our wedding last year, but I learned what I’m capable of producing, which I’m honestly really impressed with myself for. Years ago I would never have considered myself organized or a good planner, and now I know I’m capable of that when I’m working on something I truly love and want to invest in. I need to run with that.

After weeks of banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what it is I want this year and feeling sorry for myself, I feel invigorated and READY. I’m going to see my family this week (a late Christmas for me) and hope some music making with my brother, photo taking with my dad (I gave him my old camera), and spa soaking with mom refreshes me and pumps me up for an awesome 2014. I spent most of my weekend updating my portfolio site and realized I did more than I thought this year and aim for even more this year.

All photos are snippets of our new place, which we are both really loving.

I always love hearing what you guys are focusing on this year, and what’s helping you do so!