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Just a few songs on repeat:

The excellent new Damon Albarn song “Everyday Robots” from his forthcoming solo album.

Really looking forward to Beck’s new album coming out this year, and I’m intrigued by the single “Blue Moon” as I don’t know yet if I’m 100% in love with it or not. Still deciding!

I realized I forgot to put Caveman on my best of 2013 playlist. Acknowledging it here with my favorite song off the album. I’d never seen this video before and it’s funny as I was just swapping Julia Stiles sightings stories with a friend over the weekend. Love her.


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    That Beck song doesn’t even really sound like him… It’s kind of cool though. Love the Damon Albarn song! I saw Blur play at SXSW in 2003 and it was so epic. It was their first US show in 5 years or something like that and they were the surprise guest at an MTV party. So incredible.

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    that beck song is fantastic! wow. i was never a big beck fan back when it was cool to be, in the early 90s, but i just heard new pollution this weekend and was actually wondering what he was up to these days. (apparently it’s making songs i like now?! haha.) i’ll have to check out the new record for sure!

    also, that caveman video is terrifying! holy gods! but the song is good, and julia stiles is…well, julia stiles, so it’s going on my playlist.

    it’s just occurred to me that maybe you don’t get a lot of comments on your music posts, because everyone’s busy running off to research the new band you’ve just introduced them to / download all their available albums. if only the internet had stats like that to back up my theory! then we would know for sure. but i think it’s a likely scenario! ;)

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      @indreams – I agree on the comments-people running off to check out the music-idea. I’ve been introduced to so much great music through Kate!

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