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I’ve had major blog writers block lately and have decided to half give up. I wanted to write a post about bad ass ladies lately and I couldn’t find the right words, so here is a condensed version and you’ll just have to forgive my brevity:

Please read Wild.

Ordinary Girl LA has one of my favorite interview series: Ordinary People, with lots of real talk. Please go look.

Please support the Got A Girl Crush Issue 3 Kickstarter! In the promo video you can see me in the flesh be a huge dork.

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 9.56.06 AM
I wrote a guest post for Honey Kennedy, which you can go read and be nostalgic for days when I did not have writers block and feel meeehhh about blogs and the internet. Just pure “hey look at this cool stuff!” vibes.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! To update my last post I am now officially obsessed with the Beck album and think it’s way more positive than Sea Change, which I need in my life these days as I’m not longer an 18 year old girl with SO MANY FEELINGS (year I was when Sea Change came out, which SHOCKED ME upon doing the math). As for the St. Vincent album, it starts off amazing and then I lose interest, but that could change!


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    apparently I’ve missed the boat on Wild – seems like a great read. I’m currently reading Into Thin Air (I’m on an ‘all things Everest’ binge, so Wild seems like the perfect book to jump into next!

    …and yaayyy for got a girl crush! totes supporting. (your hair looks fab btw)

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    Feeling mehhhh about the internet and blogs is spot on. Glad I’m not the only one and THANK YOU for always being honest and genuine about this awesome space you have here.

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    I, too, am feeling very meeehhhh about blogging and the internet in general. I want to share… something, but not what I’ve BEEN sharing. I feel like starting over, but I don’t know what to start over with and where. I’m just not feeling the blog thing anymore.

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    For feeling meh about the internets, you sure pulled together a lovely post. Thanks for sharing the links; I spend so little time online these days, but when I do I crave looking at something new and not just visit the same blogs and websites all the time. It was nice to read about your haircutting friend on OPLA.
    And may I say your new haircut is gorgeous! It makes me miss mine so much (I’ve cut the long asymmetric bit off twice now – and then immediately regretted it – I’m currently in hairstyle limbo waiting for it to grow out again). I might not have commented here for a long time (so few of us do these days, eh?!), but I want you to know that your blog and your instagram is always such a joy to visit/follow. Have a good week lady!

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